What filters can be installed in pond at the dacha

What filters can be installed in pond at the dacha

The device the hands of artificial reservoir where fishes live, demands the powerful system of filtration. The growing-up inhabitants of pond need increasing number of oxygen, and the reservoir is more and stronger saturated with products of their activity.

What can be the filters suitable for installation in pond

The filter which it is possible to make also with own hands - jet is convenient for installation out of pond. It consists of several cameras with the different filtering materials. Cleaning can be simplified by means of additional draining. Water from pond slowly goes via cameras of the device thanks to what there is possible its biological cleaning. The jet filter is placed in the plastic body. The decorative casing can make impression that water drain in pond happens naturally if to execute it, for example, as stone bed of falls.

The filter with coco fibers, for example, is issued in the form of roll – it works for pond surface. Here warm water strengthens reproduction of bacteria, for them the surface of the filter – optimum nutrient medium. It is established in gravel at the upper edge of reservoir, in thickets of fast-growing plants – suspensions from water surface are sucked in and transported in gravel in the form of nutrients from where are absorbed by plants. Thus, before immersion in soil all suspensions are exposed to biological decomposition. It is possible to attach the filter to any pump which sideways has inhausting opening. It does not need cleaning, and the hose from coconut fibers is required to be updated approximately in three-four years.

Pressure head filters

The pressure head filter is considered the easiest and economical way of arrangement of cleaning system. On top cover control facilities the device and branch pipes of entrance exit are located. Water is passed through it under pressure and purified in three stages: at first – mechanical step of cleaning, then – biological, in conclusion water is exposed to UF-radiation. These filters can be hidden in soil, masking artificial plants or decorative stones. In such system the same pump can be used both to filtration, and to assignment of water streams.

Lack of it like the filter is need of providing sufficient pressure of water – the pump for it will be required more powerful with which it is difficult to save.

Gravitational flowing filter

The non-pressure filter with good performance and reliability demands absolutely small expenses for service. It is the tank with the equipment different elements for cleaning – sponges, grids, filters. Non-pressure devices use usually for reservoirs big or average (up to 200 m3) – them have above, than water level.

Exception is the gravitational filter. Its work is carried out by the following principle: under the influence of gravitation, water directs through drainage ground slots or gaps within the walls of reservoir which are located approximately in the middle of depth. Large parts of waste get to the first of cameras of the filter (settler) together with water. Heavy dirt accumulates on bottom (when opening ground draining it with ease is removed). At hit in the following compartment water by means of different brushes and other elements is purified from smaller pollution. Dirt accumulates on the filtering materials, then rolls down on bottom then is removed with opening of ground draining.

In what difference of flowing filters from others:

- their application is possible also in complex of pumping systems, and in the systems of the filtering gravitational;

- with gravitational systems the deepening in soil is possible, at the same time purified water gets the pump from the filter then it moves on cascade or in stream.

At the flowing filter the main shortcoming - quite difficult dressing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team