How to congratulate parents on a wedding anniversary

How to congratulate parents on a wedding anniversary

Anniversary of a wedding is a family holiday which carrying out is symbolical for children and parents. It can be considered a birthday of all family therefore and it is necessary to celebrate a wedding anniversary solemnly, warmly and with gratitude.


1. In advance make the plan or the scenario of an action. Include in it a congratulatory part, a stage of delivery of gifts, competitions and competitions, time for toasts and congratulatory speeches, etc. Every anniversary of a wedding has the symbolical character – gold, ruby, silver and so forth. It is desirable to organize a holiday so that it corresponded to date – to decorate the hall in the corresponding style, to present gifts which can be given this day. If parents not against, then organize a wedding ceremony – it can precisely repeat their wedding action or is perfect differ from it on style. Give a task to spouses to write each other the words of gratitude and an oath, it can become the most touching moment of a holiday. Invite the leader or choose from among friends of the most active joker – evening has to pass interestingly and is not banal.

2. Pay special attention to search of gifts – it have to be things for two or pair objects which parents can use at the same time. From the most preferable gifts it is possible to select the permit to rest or in boarding house, double jewelry, household items and books, the ave. Try to select not only symbolical gifts (gold chains on a golden wedding, for example), but also what will be pleasant to both, despite the sum of the years lived together (clothes, objects of art).

3. Surely make the poster or a colourful photo album. This good tradition will allow to recover the most pleasant memories, will stir up the forgotten feelings, will refresh emotions. Collect photos of the closest and dear people, make a photocollage and accompany it with original signatures in verses – parents appreciate such gifts above, than material gifts.

4. Surely present flowers – order a big bouquet, supply it with a greeting card and present to heroes of the anniversary independently. It is possible to order floristic composition from couple of rings, pigeons or swans, huge heart, etc.

5. At the end of celebration arrange everything so that parents remained some – go with guests to walk or to continue to celebrate a holiday in club. Spouses have to stay together, plunge into memoirs, enjoy society of each other, communicate alone.

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