How to construct the correct relations with the man

How to construct the correct relations with the man

Most of women dreams of having ideal relations with the man. Not everyone manages to achieve it, unfortunately. Some remain some, having been disappointed in themselves, the life and men, and someone tries will reconcile to the partner's shortcomings if only to be with someone together.


1. If you want to construct the normal relations with the beloved, begin to work on yourself. First of all, not to remain disappointed in him, think and whether not too you want much from him? You should not wait that it will be perfection, having faced some problem, you completely will be disappointed in the partner. Accept the man it what he is, with all his merits and demerits, and never try to change him under yourself.

2. Secondly, you should not wait constantly for any steps from the man, do not hesitate to show independently an initiative in the relations. Long ago there passed those times when men tried to try to obtain the woman. Today there is nothing shameful in that most to take the first step. Agree, it is much better, than to wait for long time, and to be left as a result with nothing.

3. Thirdly, try not to implicate in the relations girlfriends or mother. It you only do much harm. In an anger rush you can sometimes tell them about the partner what you will strongly regret then about. You should not follow advice of strangers, it is only your relations, and they depend only on you and your man.

4. Fourthly, try to spend more often time together, to visit theaters and cinema or just to walk in the park – it very well brings together people. It is better if you find any general hobby in which you will be able to be engaged together with darling. It is good when couple has the common global goal in life to which it is possible to aspire together. For example, to build the house for future family and children or to buy a good car for both of you.

5. Fifthly, you say to the man more often about how he is expensive and necessary to you as strongly you love it. The words can be accompanied with small romantic gifts or surprises which will return heat to your relations even if you meet many years.

6. Sixthly, avoid quarrels and scandals, especially those which lead to long partings. After abuse at heart there can be a deposit, and you or your man can do nonsenses, trying to revenge. If you value the relations, you should not wait for the first step to reconciliation from the partner, he can believe that not he is guilty and not to want to apologize. Just when you will cool down, approach it and embrace, and everything will be settled.

7. Seventhly, if you plan to connect forever the life with this man, do not forget to prove to be as the good hostess, perhaps, he looks at you, as at future wife and mother of the children too.

8. The main thing in the relations between the man and the woman – love, respect and understanding. You remember it, and you will be happy together with the darling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team