How to construct the relations with darling

How to construct the relations with darling

The love is fine feeling, as well as the relationship constructed on it. But at the same time it is necessary to remember that the relations between the man and the woman are not only pleasure, but also responsibility before each other. In order that the union was harmonious and healthy, it is necessary to be able to build correctly the relations with each other and know that it can strengthen them.


1. The relations between the mature and conscious people realizing differ in the greatest reliability that occurs between them. If partners differ in immaturity of the personality, and their relations are constructed on emotional dependence, it is impossible to call such union harmonious as it does not contribute to the mutual development and growth.

2. In order that your relationship always was strong and mature, avoid widespread mistakes – in particular, be not frightened reduction of passion and love as rough emotions always have property to come to an end. Quite often people, realizing that the passion left, leave, considering that the love left together with emotions, however it not so – perceive decrease in emotional delight from each other as transition to a new stage of the relations. Protect the love from burning out, constantly feed it with new sources of mutual sympathy.

3. One of widespread mistakes in the relations is the lack of a distance – people actually refuse each other personal space, being dissolved in each other and after a while emotionally burn out. Learn to hold competently a distance – in each person always there has to be a shred mysterious to interest the partner. You do not seek to become an indissoluble whole being is not ideal model of the relations, but a mistake.

4. It is also very important to learn to accept the partner it what he is, without trying to change him according to the expectations and dreams. Do not attach the person to yourself and you do not seek to control constantly him – trust the partner and also trust yourself and be sure of themselves. Then you will not need to ego-trip due to constant control.

5. You do not aspire to a full unification – the small distance is necessary for the harmonious relations. Be not afraid to lose each other – fears destroy the relations, turning them into neurotic dependence from each other.

6. Just derive pleasure that your relations differ in durability, sobriety and depth, from the fact that you give each other freedom. Your partner is not your property and then when people realize it and begin to respect freedom of each other, really mature relations begin.

7. Never consider love something finished. The relations is a process in which two persons have to take part, and it never has to stop and become static. Cultivate in yourself readiness for unexpected turns of events and for uncertainty – it will help to avoid boredom in the relations.

8. The relations need to be protected – do not provoke each other and you do not anger the partner. Do not check the relation for durability, do not scoff at darling not to lose the valuable trust which developed between you. Learn to care sincerely about each other, do not manipulate with each other and do not blackmail the partner.

9. You treat with respect and attentively its feelings and desires, and then the partner will show consideration for yours. Respect personal space, the interests and hobbies of each other and also do not suppress the conflicts. Learn to agree – it the ability is the cornerstone of any harmonious relationship between people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team