How to convince adult children to study on mistakes of parents

How to convince adult children to study on mistakes of parents

To convince of something the teenager - an impracticable task. At this age children consider themselves rather adult for adoption of serious decisions. That the child did not repeat mistakes of parents, they have to become his best friends and explain a situation, relying on life experience.

Trusting relationship

Between teenagers and their parents there has to be an absolute trust and mutual understanding, only in this case children will share the problems and to listen to councils. Very often there are situations when adults see that their child makes the mistakes once peculiar to them. To protect the teenager from possible problems, adults behave excessively persistently, impose the opinion, try to manipulate, threatening to select pocket money, etc. Actually this approach in a root wrong as at teenage age children very sharply react to criticism and infringement of own rights. To help the child not to walk twice into a same water, parents, first of all, have to become for him friends whose opinion he would like to hear. Usually trusting relationship between parents and children is formed at early age if in time their base was not "flooded", the teenager will never share with adult secrets and experiences.

That the child since the childhood learned to trust parents, it is necessary to spend much time with it, to communicate with his friends and not to miss any important point from his life.

What to begin a conversation with?

Trying to warn the child against possible troubles, parents should not begin a conversation with a negative. For example, if the teenager does not want to enter the institute, it is not necessary to say that he will achieve nothing in life and will be a loser as his father. In this case it is better to place emphasis that at the time parents made a mistake, having refused the higher education and that it very much would be useful to them in life. Not to be unfounded, it is possible to give several situations, for example, refusal of employers due to the lack of the diploma, impossibility of career development, etc. It is also important to mention that the adults taught by bitter experience surely would enter to the UNIVERSITY if it was possible to return time back.

The conversation with the teenager should not be based on aggression and reproaches. Adults have to point tactfully to its mistakes and warn against possible consequences.

Widespread mistakes

Wishing to warn the teenager against own mistakes, parents often forget that he not small and has to make fatal decisions independently. Adults should not convince, they can only advise, warn, but not interfere with the turn of events, of course, in any way if this is not aboutthis is not aboutthis is not about health of the child. The person has to study not only as strangers, but also on own mistakes, otherwise he will not be adapted for the outside world. Only having given to the child an opportunity of the full choice, parents will be able to prepare it for adulthood.

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