How to decide on whom to marry

How to decide on whom to marry

Sooner or later in life of the man there comes the time when it is necessary to marry. And to guys to make a choice of the soulmate much more difficult, than to women. Men are often tormented by doubts, suddenly it is not that only. At the same time move them various reasons. They estimate appearance of the woman, intelligence, addictions whether she is able to prepare.


1. The man long realizes whether he will be able with that or ache the darling to live every day together. He needs to be defined why this woman, but not another. The fact that only on one love the marriages long do not keep is proved, for this purpose there is something bigger. And it is surprising, but stronger marriages are marriages of convenience where except love there is also common sense. The first what the man should pay attention to is an appearance of the woman. Visually she has to be pleasant. And here you should not listen to others opinion or to take beauty standards in attention. Only the intuition and feelings.

2. The second criterion is an age. It is better if the woman is slightly younger than you. It is not bad if behind her shoulders there is already an experience of matrimonial life. Such ladies are wiser in the household plan. Experts do not advise to enter marriages with the girls who did not reach 20 years. But here everything is individual.

3. Pay attention to a circle of contacts of your soulmate and to her family. Very often the girl will copy behavior of the mother. If the girl since the childhood strictly listens to instructions of parents, it will occur and then. She will constantly follow to mother council, especially without counting to the own harm. And mostly their talk will go about her elect, about his shortcomings. What he gold would not try to be. Her friends too even only the behavior will tell a lot of things about the woman. As they say, tell who your friend. And if it gives all free time to the girlfriends, there will be no it left for the husband. As a rule, after that such women have extramarital affairs. So you proceed from this, the it is less than friends, the better.

4. Do not take too ambitious person choosing domination in family in the spouses. Quite so from men henpeckeds also turn out. Such ladies are distinguished from other women on frequent wearing trousers, a rough and imperious voice. All this comes from testosterone surplus. With them you will never reach compromise. What you would not offer it, in reply receive the supervisor's look. Can tell the place of its work about the same trait of character, for example, in law enforcement agencies where flabby will hardly go.

5. Pay attention to her speech. Whether she waffles? And in a conversation she can tell a lot of things about herself, that without knowing. Especially look at its attitude towards surrounding people. And if it is not positive directionally, do not contact such woman better, statistics showed that likewise, shortly, it will concern both the husband, and children.

6. Also its relation to money is very important. She should not squander them, as a rule, it is line of children of rich parents.

7. Besides, it is better not to take the woman with the child in the wife. She, first of all, looks not for the husband for herself, and the father to the child.

8. Also important and that the woman did not suffer from jealousy. Quarrels will arise from scratch. You watch that your darling had no habit to smoke and drink. Care for healthy inheritance. The list of all qualities of the good wife can be continued very long, but you remember that on light there are no ideal people therefore it is worth closing eyes to some shortcomings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team