G point at women

G point at women

Very few people did not hear about a mysterious point of G at women. This point haunts lovers at whom improbable desire to find it to give to the girl improbable pleasure. As G point at girls, according to the statements of the knowing people, is capable to provide such deep orgasm to which it is impossible to compare any other love joys. In the middle of the twentieth century by Ernest Grafenberg - the German gynecologist it was reported about existence of a magic point in a female bosom.

According to the statements of some scientists, the female point of G does not exist, and it is just the myth. Other researchers do not confirm such theory, disproving it the fact that the point of G exists, but not all women have it. It is possible to find it on a body independently or with darling, thus, to disprove or agree with each statement of scientists. It is necessary to know only approximate arrangement of a point of G and methods of its stimulation – it will promote receiving a powerful orgasm.

Where to find G point?

Many have heard a lot about G point, but not much know how it looks and where to find it. This reason promotes doubts of many people concerning its existence.

The complexity of search is that G point often is located at a depth of 3-5 centimeters from an entrance to a vagina therefore it is so difficult to find it at hygienic manipulations. As the magic point is located on a front wall of a vagina – it is difficulty by its search even gynecologists. Grafenberg established that the size of a point of G is from 1 to 3 centimeters.

If to find this area, then on feelings it represents small consolidation which is almost imperceptible in an unexcited state. Consolidation is located near a bladder and disappears in a thickening from folds. This fold – the main obstacle in a way to a find. For this reason many women and men are convinced that they do not know finding of a point of G.

How to find G point?

It is hard to find this treasured point of G, but it is worth it, especially in sex. First of all, the man needs to relax the woman and to excite her as in this state the area will increase and will become more notable. It is possible to achieve such result by means of preliminary caress which has to be more than 60 minutes as it is established that this time is necessary in order that at the woman G point "woke up".

G point secrets

Mysterious point of G – the most attractive place for men. It and is not surprising as if to learn its location, then with ease it is possible to bring the woman to the highest degree of pleasure, thereby to win the status of the skillful lover. Doctors recommend to deal with what is represented by G point, first of all. Ernest Grafenberg established that this area represents a mucous membrane of a vagina which excretes a certain amount of the special secretion promoting sperm fluidifying. That is, at ability to carry out massage actions of a point of G at sexual intercourse, there is an opportunity to increase conception emergence level.

Carrying out stimulation of a point by G penis, it is necessary to choose poses at which the penis will adjoin most closely to a front wall of a vagina. There is a huge number of similar poses, but they differ in the fact that it is necessary to enter a genital at an angle to a pubic bone. Thus, it will be possible to reach the most effective feelings. And it is not necessary to hurry at all if it for the first time as there is a risk of commission of mistakes which can push away in the future the woman from experiments.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team