How to develop self-confidence?

How to develop self-confidence?

Who such self-assured people? How do they manage to try to obtain success in life and never to lose self-control? A secret is simple. These are ordinary people, just they possess a high self-assessment and soberly look at the world surrounding them. To understand whether you can rank yourself as such people, it is worth knowing what qualities the self-assured person has:

  • he believes in himself and in the actions;
  • he is always responsible for everything that does;
  • he shows flexibility to the world around and people whom he meets;
  • he is persistent, but is not aggressive and will not begin to play upon heartstrings of other people;
  • its main principle – honesty and frankness at the statement of the opinion;
  • he does not give up at failure and quietly accepts all calls of life;
  • he considers that he always has an opportunity to influence a situation.

If you did not find in yourself at least a part of these principles, you should begin development of self-confidence.

What to begin development of self-confidence with?

Many people who changed the life when that was begun with small. First of all they changed the image. Having visited the good stylist, you not only change externally, but also change the attitude to life. Further, development of confidence and self-sufficiency can be continued, using the equipment of force of the mind. For this purpose there are five main stages:

  • remember and analyze the main merits, vital achievements and talents;
  • convince yourself that you have a certain set of qualities which would like to develop and all the time work on their development;
  • imagine that you already rather successful person who achieved any objectives and uses recognition of people around;
  • present that, you are rich, your affairs prosper, and you have everything that you want;
  • feel self-confidence and in the forces. Feel that you own a situation where you were.

Also important factor in human life is development of social confidence. It is shown in lack of fear to prove among people around. Many diffident people prefer to sit out away from any business demanding risk and miss good vital opportunities to achieve success and prosperity. To develop in itself social confidence daily train to interact with the world around and be not afraid to prove. Try to start talking on the street with the stranger, for example, having asked what is the time. Consciously enter dialogue with strangers, and in situations where is present to many people, be not afraid to express the opinion publicly. Remember that people most of all worries that will think of them, and already in the second turn they will pay attention to you.

How to develop confidence in the child?

If you have a child, do not miss an opportunity to bring up him the self-assured personality. Most of parents do not know how to develop confidence in the child and make a set of mistakes, trying to protect the kid from problems of real life. However development of confidence in the child – process simple. The main thing to adhere to several pedagogical principles at education:

  1. Estimate the child it what he is. Many parents make a mistake, I attribute to the child nonexistent and desirable qualities. Even if progress of the child in any area is not interesting to you, do not show it and you appreciate what the child could achieve independently.
  2. Do not compare the child to other children. It is much more important to teach him to compare itself to itself yesterday's and will expect what he in the future. The phrase can become an example of manifestation of this principle: Yesterday at you it was impossible to make it, and today you could. You are a good fellow, I am proud of you. The similar method of education will create the good soil for development in the child of confidence in the forces and opportunities.
  3. Never and there is nobody do not speak of the child negatively. Do not call him silly, lazy and incapable. Eventually – you as the parent always have to believe in own child.
  4. Though sometimes allow the child to argue with you and to argue the point of view.

These pedagogical approaches work for prospect. You will see their influence on formation of confidence at the child, perhaps, only at his mature age.

Psychotechnology of development of confidence

If you are happy with development of the child, but to yourself you still had set of questions, try to use the following psychotechnicians of development of confidence:

  1. Remember the best moments of life when you clearly felt as the winner. Experience those feelings, emotions, and details which brought you pleasure from triumph. Record these images in the consciousness and tell yourself: I am afraid of nothing, I can do everything, and at me everything will turn out. It turned out that time, so it will turn out and now.
  2. Imagine the personality who is for you an example for imitation and the embodiment of true self-confidence. It is not important whether real it is the person or the fictional character. Before going to bed imagine this personality, her traits of character which especially are pleasant to you, and tell yourself: Tomorrow I will wake up self-assured. And next day behave also as well as your hero. It is necessary to repeat exercise once a week.
  3. This exercise will allow you to learn to operate the emotions by means of a body. For this purpose get up directly, straighten shoulders and deeply inhale. Looking directly before itself, read any command. For example, it can be any order to an image of the subordinate which you drew before yourself. Then make a pause and listen to the feelings. Record feeling of a victory and the power, remember this feeling.

to become simple. Important – to have patience and huge desire to raise a self-assessment. And then you will direct the life, but not those vital circumstances which develop around you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team