How to disaccustom the husband to drink

How to disaccustom the husband to drink

It is impossible to live with the alcoholic. In the house where the head of family drinks, not only adults, but also children suffer. It is possible to find many recipes how to disaccustom to alcoholism. It both plots, and admixture to alcohol of various broths, and the help of sorcerers. But all these methods are, as a rule, not effective. It is possible to disaccustom the person to alcoholism only when he very much wants it.


1. First of all, make everything that your husband wanted to stop drinking. For this purpose he has to realize senselessness of the existence, remember the past when he did not drink yet. Any, even very drinking person, times perceives all pluses and minuses of the life. Be near this minute and help the husband to make the conscious decision to refuse alcohol.

2. Try to understand why your husband drinks. What reasons pushed him to alcoholism? Often the collected problems become a reason for binge. Solve these problems, and the occasion will not be any more.

3. When the husband drinks, shoot him with the video camera. If the spouse has not really started alcoholism stage, it will become a shame to it with the behavior. And he will stop drinking, at least for a while.

4. When the husband brings alcohol home, do not make scandals. And, in general, you behave, and do not roll up to it hysterics. Scandal is an occasion to seek consolation in alcohol. Do not provoke the spouse.

5. Separate the husband from the companies which only and look for an occasion to drink. At the same time be careful to abuse such company, in it there are his friends. At least, your spouse is confident in it. Take its free time with family affairs: let the husband will be engaged in small household repair or will sit with the child. You will also raise its self-assessment, and it will have no time to leave "on the party".

6. If your husband has a hangover, do not abuse it and do not release on the street. On the street it will surely find "benefactors" who "will cure" it, filling hundred grams. As a result your husband will go to hard drinking.

7. Help to find to the husband what can replace to him alcoholism. Buy a dog, let is engaged in her training. Together do any sport. Generally, find worthy replacement to alcohol. Do not lower a hand, fight for your family happiness. And if motivations and beliefs do not help, address experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team