How to distinguish friendly feelings from love

How to distinguish friendly feelings from love

Sometimes there are situations between friends when one person just is on friendly terms, and another loves the friend. Then there can be a misunderstanding, offenses, and then and split of the relations. Therefore it is worth learning in advance how to distinguish friendly feelings from love not to get into an awkward situation.


1. Gifts between friends not such frequent event, as in the relations. Usually they are given on holidays and days to the births. At the same time the sums are spent approximately identical, and the balance by quantity is maintained. But if the guy begins to give at each meeting to the girlfriend flowers and small gifts, most likely, he counts on something bigger. In addition he will show the solvency, paying for you by cafe and cinema.

2. It is difficult to person in love to tell "no" to that to whom he has feelings. Therefore at the slightest request for the help all arrangements with other people are cancelled. And friends help when it does not harm their personal plans.

3. When people really are on friendly terms, they have no stiffness in a conversation and awkward subjects. They discuss private life of other person, and give advice on the relations. But the person in love will not be able quietly to listen to stories about appointments of the beloved. Most often he will criticize the partner, to try to provoke to a gap to try to be with an object of the love.

4. At parties and other cheerful sit-round gathering the friends spend time together, but if an opportunity appears to get acquainted with someone — use it. If the person is in love, he will not look around and for other people for communication. In addition he can prevent the friend to meet people of an opposite sex to be always together.

5. If the person loves the friend, he will try not to disappoint and look him in the best light. For any oversight apologies will follow at once. Never is late for meetings, tries to expedite any your assignment. Every day the friend in love will remind you of the existence – SMS, a call, the message in networks or just like in your photo. Friends in this plan are quieter, can be late, forget to buy you a portion of ice cream or not to call week.

6. Observe the friend, it is very difficult to conceal feelings. People in love fixedly and attentively look at darling. Try to concern, embrace more often, laugh at all jokes and smile.

7. If you find out that your best friend corresponds to all list about lovers, it is not necessary to arrange dismantling. Be defined that you feel to it and if it is not mutual, tell it more softly. It is necessary to let know that you do not test the same, but would like to remain friends. Be careful in statements not to tread on its corns and not to lose forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team