How to distinguish the sadist?

How to distinguish the sadist?

Sadistic bents to a degree can be shown at most of people, but at the real tyrants they are expressed especially brightly. Many, especially women, are interested as it is possible to distinguish the sadist, quite often happens so that you marry "warm and fuzzy", and family life turns into real hell.

Signs of the man of the sadist

The main thing what the sadist aspires to - it is to the absolute power. And it is unimportant, to put in what way he will try to obtain it – to humiliate and belittle the dignity of the victim physical pressure or to limit freedom. Anyway he seeks to put the person into dependence on himself. It "brings up" the close people who are near it, and in such education there is no place of a praise but only criticism. The great value is attached to playing with feelings of the victim when the tyrant sensitively monitors reaction of the partner to any given actions and seeks to cause those emotions which wants to see at present.

Signs of the sadist consist also in operation of the suffering party, qualities of his personality, but it again, becomes not for own benefit but only to feel the power over the person. The sadist will make everything to destroy plans, aspiration and not to equal hopes of the victim. He considers that the partner just has no right to it and everything what it is worthy – to please the tyrant. Always beats the most sick as from the physical, and mental point of view. And the torturer will never undertake responsibility for the actions, and will tell that it is the partner the behavior forces it to behave so.

The sadist is incredibly vindictive and judges people on himself. He considers that all around same, as well as it. Constantly waits for a dirty trick and considers that it is necessary to affect advancing, applying own force, determination and the power. Insubordination to his desires infuriates the tyrant.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team