How to endure separation from the man

How to endure separation from the man

Sometimes we should be in separation. For the loving woman separation – difficult test. However it is necessary to remember that it is temporary and sooner or later you will meet again. The main thing is not to exhaust itself and not to perceive separation as doomsday.


1. When you leave, remember that separation is the time given you that to consider everything. When there is no person nearby, you have more time to assess the relations and a situation. Meetings force us to lose the head from emotions and to become less objective. Perhaps, something does not suit you in the relations, but that attraction which every time at a meeting is felt does not allow you to think reasonably. Such attraction often does not allow to realize that in the relations it is necessary to change something. And now this factor is absent, and you can consider everything on the sober head.

2. Temporary parting is an occasion to find itself. To investigate depths of the personality, to learn that most of all makes you vigorous and happy. Not only the man can give joy of life. Both creative realization, and career success and new acquaintances pleases. Begin to write the diary, having delivered themselves a condition writing of a half of a page daily. At first it will be difficult, and then process of introspection so will carry away you that there will be not enough half of the page.

3. It is possible to do it in the blog or LiveJournal, then you will be able to receive reaction from people around at once. In the same place state the new feelings. Many authors got used to feel internal satisfaction when they see the creation on the computer screen even if nobody comments on written. The main goal for you is to distract from sufferings about the man and to be fond of the world around.

4. Do not forget that you the attractive woman. Also you will introduce beauty to the world around. Separation – not an occasion to imprison itself in a cage. You wear beautiful clothes, be engaged in the figure and self-education. Every day set as an object to master new skills, to read a certain number of new pages, to do a certain number of physical exercises. If you stretitsya again, you will be even more interesting, than earlier. The man will estimate it, and you estimate him again, from height of the grown level of development. Want – arrange new separation, but already on own initiative.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team