How to explain to the man that you do not love him

How to explain to the man that you do not love him

Not very long ago you had ideal relations, but feelings gradually cooled down? The you will spend together more time after you understand that there is no love any more, the there are less chances to disperse without serious consequences.


1. If you are not ready to give to the died-away feelings the second attempt, as soon as possible report about this man. The conversation about parting should not be started when both of you are angry or depressed and also do not sort out the relations during a break at work or, say, in line at cash desk in supermarket. Not to shelve parting, make to the man an appointment in the neutral territory, previously having mentioned that the serious conversation is necessary to you.

2. Be prepared for a meeting in advance. Think over couple of main offers in which the main thought has to be expressed. Be not let in long explanations and you do not come from far away. Your message has to be accurate, in plain terms. In it the gap reason surely has to sound. As a rule, behind a phrase "We do not suit one another" both at men's, and the female half of humanity has a logical question: "From what you took?"

3. If you resolved to stop the relations with the former beloved, do not drag out a conversation for a long time, otherwise you risk to crawfish out of pity or will begin to doubt that you, perhaps, impose on the man the overestimated requirements. Of course, to invite the person to a meeting only to throw couple of discouraging phrases and to leave, is not necessary too. Try to keep within several dozen minutes, but do not sit up more than one hour.

4. Surely tell the man that to you with him it was good. Thank him for the high and interesting points which you happened to spend together. But now time to turn this page and to begin to live in parallel each other came. As this process is inevitable, stop possible attempts of the man to look for with you repeated meetings. Just ask not to call you, otherwise you will be forced to change number and if it is required, even a home address.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team