How to fall in love with the husband

How to fall in love with the husband

The first appointments, the beginning of the relations, recognition of the partner always were and will remain the happiest moments in joint family life. Euphoria and rough love often accompany the first years of joint life. Over time the routine can absorb former ardency of feelings. What to do if the wife gradually realizes that it is already impossible to call her attitude towards the husband love? How again to fall in love with the husband?


1. Scientists explain cooling of feelings from the biochemical point of view. At the beginning of the relations the organism produces hormone a dopamine. That that causes euphoria and insomnia. Has also stimulating impact on a brain feniletilamin. It accelerates metabolic processes in an organism and deprives of the person of appetite. The love period lasts no more than four years. Gradually to replace a dopamine and a feniletilamin the brain begins to produce endorphins. This group of chemicals affects the person soothingly, helps to find comfort and stability of emotions. Also oxytocin promoting transition of the relations to the quiet course is developed. During this period there can come crisis of the relations. Feelings become boring, begins to seem to spouses that the love irrevocably passed. Even without thinking of a role of hormones in our life, we feel that the love is succeeded by a habit.

2. To hold and to some extent to revive former feeling, it is necessary to estimate adequately the relations which developed by this moment. In the years lived together, not only you changed, but also your spouse. Your partner accepts you such what you now? Try to mark out also you in him first of all merits. Often, when the woman thinks of fading of feelings, she remembers only negative sides of the partner. And it is possible to concentrate on good. For example, the husband categorically does not agree to take out garbage. But he always helps to carry heavy packages from shop and did not forget to wish the mother-in-law happy birthday. And it is not important that within two weeks on the eve of a birthday you reminded of it every day! Try to remember not only the dignity of the husband already known to you, but also to find out those which he got for years of your joint life. If something after all strongly irritates in character of the husband, talk to it about it. But the conversation has to be soft, do not forget to pay also compliments to the spouse, pointing out his strong, imposing you qualities.

3. Diversify joint life, let even on holiday time. The joint romantic trip full of new impressions and emotions will stir up also your personal relations. Think up a common goal or hobby. For example, try to master mountain skiing together. Trips to ski resorts will inject a new life into your family life and will help to revive the concerning emotions. You remember - existence of a common goal always brings together people. Spouses become one team again, and passionate feelings are succeeded by confidence in the relations and pride of the partner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team