How to find phone of the person on a surname and a name it is free

How to find phone of the person on a surname and a name it is free

In life sometimes there is a question how to find the person on a name and a surname it is free. Many think that to get data, for example, the phone number – is unreal. Actually, everything is possible. The main thing is the nobility how to work.

It is required to you

  • - mobile or stationary phone;
  • - reference book of home phone numbers;
  • - computer or smartphone (tablet) with Internet connection;
  • - surname and name of the wanted person.


1. It is free of charge possible to find number of stationary phone of the person on a name and a surname, having rummaged in the reference book. At some they lie at home if they is not present, then it is possible to download the reference book on the Internet. Of course, such way not always helps to find the person as people with an identical surname and a name can be much. If the exact address of wanted is unknown, then nothing will leave. Still it is necessary to consider that not all have stationary phone.

2. If you know not only a name and a surname of the wanted person, but also the address, then can address to telephone help desk. Such way not always yields absolute result as GTS operators reluctantly report data of subscribers, sometimes it is necessary to pay for obtaining information.

3. It is possible to try to find the phone number of the person, knowing only a name and a surname, online. For this purpose open any search engine and type all available data for wanted. Perhaps, the necessary person submitted announcements of sale, looked for work, talked to forums, had own blog or is registered on social networks. Even the thinnest, at first sight, a thread can help to find the person on a name and a surname free of charge. The main thing is to try.

4. If you know where the necessary person studies or works, then you can ask the help for employees of dean's office or human resources department. Of course, to get the necessary data it will be difficult, but it is worth trying happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team