How to return it to itself

How to return it to itself

Not always lovers when quarrel play, and not behind each parting there can be a new meeting and return of the relations to the former course. Sometimes it is possible to return darling, but it is worth remembering that if you left already once – means, in the relations something is not right.something is not right.something is not right. Sometimes the reason of disagreements in a difference between characters, but is even heavier when someone from partners does not find it necessary to be reconciled with features of another


1. There is no guarantee that negative points will not repeat in the future, you are ready to it? If are ready, then find out what was the true cause of a gap? It will give a reason to discuss affairs with the partner and to see an essence of disagreements. If you were an initiator of a gap – do not hope for fast reconciliation. Or she, ostyv, will forgive you. Or, if she strongly loves you – will return.

2. If offer to leave proceeded from it - be adjusted on fight. You remember, you will need to battle against the external enemy in the form of the rival (do not leave the adequate man in anywhere), and with internal (the shortcomings or bad habits if in them put). The last – the most labor-consuming. It would be quite good to find out, than you do not suit the lady and if are ready to exchange, without stepping to yourself on a throat, change – but then it is necessary to prove still to her that you really became another.

3. Slowly try to fill up as much as possible yourself its personal time and space: original warm SMS and letters will melt heart any. Only it is not necessary to remember the past – for communication so many different subjects! Your task is to appear before it updated, in unusual role. Become the quiet interlocutor, the reliable friend, imperceptibly try to help with everything in what you can.

4. Your advantage before any rival – that you studied all habits and character of the girl, and that goes at random, sometimes being mistaken. The most optimum way to win back is a straight talk. Be going to be reserved, honest, to listen carefully and remember. Prepare that it is necessary to exchange in something. Prepare for a role of the gallant knight and patiently look after it – beautifully, originally, it is unique!

5. And on for the rest of the life you remember: leave each woman adequately, peacefully – it will only increase your chances to renew the relations with it in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team