How to get rid of the husband forever

How to get rid of the husband forever

The relations in marriage not always are ideal. Men often offend women, someone has alcoholism, someone exhausts jealousy. Wives are not obliged to suffer all this therefore they can try to get rid of the husband.

How to decide on parting with the husband

If you decided to put the end to the relations with the spouse, it is necessary to begin to you with itself. Living with the unloved husband, the woman cannot often leave him not because does not know how to make it. Women just feel sorry for people to whom they got used, and cannot find forces to put the end. They try to help something to the unfortunate spouse and believe that soon everything will change. Besides, in some families there are children for the sake of whom women are ready to suffer any mockeries from the man. It cannot be done at all. If your spouse behaved all these years so, but not differently, farther it will not be better. To live with the tyrant or the alcoholic for the sake of children - it is silly. Understand that your kids need the real strong family. What example can the useless father set them?

How to leave the husband forever

After you understand need of interruption of the relations, think of possible consequences. You have to be sure that the offended and thrown man can try to revenge you and your relatives for similar treachery. Having estimated a situation, file for a divorce and be engaged in the section of jointly acquired property. Even if the husband did not begin to show aggression, all the same you need as soon as possible to cease to live with him in one territory. Rent apartment or move to some time to parents or other relatives. If you are afraid that the husband after everyone is ableeveryone is able harm to you or your children, think of temporary moving to other city or make so that he did not learn your new address. Children can be transferred to other school.

If you accepted to the decision on a divorce, you are obliged to inform the husband. Choose time suitable for this purpose and talk to the spouse. You have to tell it about the reasons of the leaving and about impossibility of further cohabitation. If you are afraid that he will show to you aggression, can just pack things and leave when is not at home him, and to state all explanations on the sheet of paper. When you leave the spouse, you need to avoid as much as possible meetings and a talk with it. Replace phone numbers, try not to be crossed with it on the street. Any meeting can bring you negative emotions. Sometimes after the divorce already ex-husbands begin to pursue the wives. In that case it is possible to address lawyers or in law enforcement agencies. There will prompt to you that needs to be done next.

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