How to give a compliment

How to give a compliment

Compliment – excellent means for those who want to win over the person and to emphasize the ability to be an excellent interlocutor. However, using such method, it is necessary to be careful. Rough flattery, ambiguous phrases and on duty, banal words can only push away.

Features of the correct compliment

The most important point which needs to be remembered is that the compliment has to be sincere and based on the real fact. For example, if you talk to the new colleague who with great difficulty is given training in skills, it is not necessary to say that he very quickly accustoms and easily everything remembers. It will sound rather as a jeer. Find for what the person can really be praised.

You should not concentrate attention on appearance. Abilities, traits of character, features of style, art taste, mind, professionalism – all this costs a praise too.

The compliment has to be short. You should not tell too many words, confusing and tiring the interlocutor. An optimal variant – 1-2 short offers. Besides, it is important that the compliment was clear and did not contain any ambiguities, otherwise you risk to spoil only business, having said it.

Avoid familiarity, roughness. Try to be correct. For example, noting beauty of the girl, it is not necessary to do trite hints, to call it the "lisping" words. And, at last, that the compliment sounded sincerely, tell it with a smile, looking in eyes to the interlocutor. Otherwise it can sound as a stock phrase.

How to give a compliment to effective

If you need to win over the person who treats you not too kindly, use a system a compliment anti-compliment. Everything is very simple: it should be notedit should be noted merits of the person, having belittled at the same time own and having shown superiority of the interlocutor.

Besides it is necessary to be based on the facts. For example, if your colleague quickly and easily coped with the project, note his merits, having mentioned at the same time that you never managed to achieve such success in so short terms.

Show observation and note details. If you want to praise beauty of the girl and to note her taste, instead of general phrases "You excellently look" use other expressions: note that jewelry excellently approaches a dress that the hairstyle or manicure are made faultlessly and so forth. The clever interlocutor with pleasure will accept a compliment which assumes a domyslivaniye. Such phrases are especially graceful and effective as the person can add them on the discretion. For example, it is possible to tell the woman: "I am sure that your husband – very happy person", having given a compliment at the same time to its beauty, character, ability to conduct life – to all on its discretion.

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