How to hold the man?

How to hold the man?

The bulk of women knows how to be pleasant to men and perfectly is able to do it. When the relations already are, most of women, naturally, want to keep them. What for this purpose is necessary? How to hold the man – the western psychology does not give definite answers to this question. However some moments nevertheless can be allocated.

How to hold near itself the man of the dream?

For a start it is quite good to reconsider the relation to a problem and to cease to think of terms of the hold type, in a question of the relations this word cannot be taken literally. Men are not dogs on leads. Give them free rain, and you precisely will become more interesting to them. How to make it? Very simply: to become free in itself and to forget about a sobstvennichestvo. The real feelings of free people cannot be based on feeling of a sobstvenichestvo. Become for the man of the best, and he will not want to leave you. Become interesting to him. To retain this interest, it is necessary to be interesting to itself, and for this purpose it is necessary to develop.

And in general, maybe, it is not your destiny, and these relations not forever, so too it happens, and it is normal.

Other question of how to hold the married man in family, especially, if there are already general children. Here, on the one hand, there are already two anchors: actually, children + joint economy. However it is not an occasion to relax especially and definitely not an occasion to check, how strong hold these anchors. Therefore do not row.

General moments

About appearance. To draw attention, it is necessary to look very good that to keep it, it is necessary to look good always, but also, sometimes to change an image. Never you walk on the house in the washed-off dressing gown or the stretched track bottoms and a faded t-shirt. Try to look and behave so that with you there was a wish to have not only sex or joint cases on economy, but also somewhere to visit together, for example, theater, the museum, on walk to the park. Try to be clean also with taste dressed not only in public, but also at home. It is necessary to understand that with taste – it is not obligatory as recommend female magazines. Perhaps, your elect does not want to see near himself the glamourous silly woman in pink with strazika and sequins at all. Very much can be that he will begin to consider you more interesting if sometimes sees you in a suit for a paintball or diving (different men have different hobbies, study them).

Do not abuse jewelry and perfumery. Some aromas of female perfumery means can not only not attract certain men (and such not so a little), but on the contrary, to frighten off them. Therefore choose perfumery together. If you smoke – throw if you cannot – at least you do not smoke cheap cigarettes and more often use chewing gum.

Regularly take care of the own life, visit the hairdresser, you watch nails and skin. Do not accumulate extra kilos, for this purpose eat properly. Men, by the way, too like to eat well and tasty (and the cleverest of them adherents of healthy nutrition), it is only necessary to consider that for them it can be understood a little differently. If you are not able to prepare – you study, this pleasant and grateful occupation. It is important that the woman was able to prepare normally and if you do it, then do with love.

Than more people put in you, that you become dearer to it. Give to men the chance to put in you forces, heart and soul and means, but do not give the chance to buy themselves. Remain free (it is not an appeal to feminism and a sufrazhizm). Be for it a friend and do common cause. You strive for harmony, a positive and creativity, for this purpose try to supplement the man and to help him – men very much appreciate it.

About sex

Be various, interesting and unpredictable. To become such, be interesting to, including, and physically. Play different roles – it is very fascinating (it is only not necessary to play especially). Read books on a subject, look on the websites. Have a rest together, the joint dream and rest has to become a pleasant habit.

Do not stare infinitely in the zombie-box, especially to watch the next bad soap opera about seven idiots or House-2


Do not copy ways of behavior of heroes from series and House-2 – it is very probable, from it will feel sick the normal man.

Do not row, especially without the reasons.

You do not call by telephone too often, especially if your man is busy with serious responsible work. Do not take for a ride on trifles (and by phone too) therefore before calling, allocate the main thing from this what you want to speak about. If you missed its call, surely call back – the attention is always pleasant. Besides, there are also emergencies.

Control the emotions, not too show jealousy and do not roll up hysterics when your man stares at other women or even slightly flirts with them. Many of men think of it approximately so: if I on a diet, what I cannot already thumb through the menu?. Try to discuss aloud attention object merits and demerits – thus, you show the wisdom.

Do not try to show the enthusiasm for other man to cause jealousy. The clever man can switch to other object also.

Behave approximately so, and you will not need to hold someone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team