How to improve the relations with the mother-in-law

How to improve the relations with the mother-in-law

At primitive South American tribes the son-in-law after the wedding should have avoided meetings with the mother-in-law, it was forbidden to look at it and to talk to her. Was considered that the soldier, having seen the wife's mother, will lose force. And here in the African tribes there was more severe custom: if the mother-in-law visits the house of the son-in-law, the man finds the right to kill her. In Gabon all on the contrary: the groom is obliged to move to the house of the mother-in-law and in every possible way to please her. That the son-in-law relations with the second mother did not become the cause of family quarrels and did not repeat behavioural norms of some tribes, it is worth trying to come into contact.


1. Understand and acquire the fact that you do not choose the mother-in-law – you chose the wife. Also it is necessary to derive pleasure not only from communication with the beloved spouse, but also to find a common language with her relatives, being reconciled with all their merits and demerits. Show friendliness, patience, generosity and restraint, join family traditions, respect opinion and desires of the mother-in-law, kind of they contradicted your outlooks on life and attitude.

2. Do not give advice and you do not learn to live this adult woman with the settled vital principles and concepts. Better once again let it know that you seek to make everything for happiness of her daughter.

3. Do not criticize and the more so do not abuse the mother-in-law. Insults and not constructive criticism will only incite your spouse and her mother against you. Reasonable claims can be stated to the mother-in-law in a personal conversation. And even here well think - your discontent should not be under construction on naked emotions. Otherwise your words can turn back scandal and the nursed grievance.

4. If between you after all the quarrel was played, try to behave, you are not rude, do not offend and do not show negligence. Always you remember, first, the mother-in-law - the woman, secondly, she is much more senior than you. Be a gentleman in any situation.

5. Do not refuse to the relative visits and do not neglect her invitations. Over the years people become more sentimental: the matured daughter, the growing-up grandsons – she, most likely, wants to make sure that in your family everything is safe. Once again emphasize how you appreciate its attention and care of you and your children.

6. Do not forget to wish the second mother happy birthday and other important holidays. You give good gifts, flowers and you pay compliments. It – first of all the woman, and your attention will be pleasant to it.

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