How to learn the future?

How to learn the future?

To learn the future, it is possible to descend to the fortuneteller and to psychics whose number increases every day. If you do not want to get to the charlatan, then today there is a huge number of options how to learn the future in house conditions, by means of different fortune-telling and rituals. If there is an opportunity, then can descend to the astrologer who knowing date and time of the birth, will make a horoscope.

How to learn the future of the person in house conditions?

It is possible to allocate conditional classification according to which all existing methods can be divided into those that demand calculation and training, on national fortune-telling and on intuitive, based on supernatural abilities.

Numerology. It is the most available mathematical method. Thanks to simple calculations and date of birth it is possible to learn a lot of interesting. For this purpose it is necessary to put all figures of full date of birth consistently. If the person was born 08.11.1989:

8+1+1+1+9+8+9=37=3+7=10=1+0=1. Now we will understand as it is possible to learn the future, using this method by means of value of figures:

  • 1 – expect achievements in career which will always be on the first place;
  • 2 – good family man and friend;
  • 3 – huge creative potential;
  • 4 – it will be possible to achieve success, being in a role of the performer, but not head;
  • 5 – it is necessary to have a strong shoulder nearby to move in the right direction;
  • 6 – despite aspiration to knowledge, the main thing in life for such person – family;
  • 7 – you are allocated with ekstrasensorny abilities;
  • 8 – in life money which you will be able to earn with ease are main;
  • 9 – you have huge force and if desired it will be possible to expect success in any business.

Dreams. Probably, each person at least once heard how to learn the future in a dream as this option is available to all. The seen dreams need to be explained correctly. For this purpose try to remember as much as possible details including an emotional component. As exists many various dream books which offer distinguishing, and at times and opposite interpretation, for exact interpretation it is worth drawing an analogy between the obtained information and events of real life. It is possible to learn the near future in such a way as interpretations of night images give predictions on a short period of time. Example of interpretation:

  1. If crude meat appeared in a dream - it is the bad omen meaning emergence of the numerous conflicts and scandals.
  2. To dream about a black cat, so it is worth expecting various problems and troubles which can concern any vital sphere.
  3. The dream where dead people appeared, promises receiving unpleasant news.

How to learn the future of the relations?

For this purpose most often use various fortune-telling which helps to learn whether it is worth continuing the relations in what direction they can develop and when end. Let's consider one of options with use of a usual thread. Take a fabric rag, a needle and thread of red color. Pass thread throughout a needle, but do not knot. Thinking of the soulmate, make several stitches and then sharply pull a needle and how the thread left it is possible to judge the relations:

  1. If everything passed easily and without any hitches is the good sign indicating the real and sincere feelings. You should not worry as the relations will be long and strong.
  2. If the thread left hardly and collected fabric - it is the sign indicating that the relations will face various problems and ill-wishers. To keep feelings, it is necessary to pass many tests.
  3. If thread tore, so the existing relations will be short and soon everything will stop.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team