How to learn the guy's relation

How to learn the guy's relation

He, it seems, both is lovely, and is kind with you, but from time to time disappears without explanation, is cold and unfriendly. Such relation brings feeling of alarm and nervousness, forcing the girl to guess what true attitude of the guy towards her.


1. Observe it. Important everything: look, gestures, intonation. If the young man in the company watches you a stare, accidentally concerns or touches you, periodically scans you from legs to tips of hair, and, natykayas at your reciprocal look, switches to other object of attention, everything says that he shows interest.

2. If he whenever possible tries to be nearby, anywhere without leaving, listens carefully to your talk, diligently and unconditionally supports you in a dispute, arguing your point of view, so you are not indifferent for it and he wants in all ways to pay your attention to itself(himself).

3. It is important that he speaks about you to the friends. If the guy told friends about your existence, then it is the sign - you are pleasant to it, and it is interesting to it to learn their opinion. Try to learn whether he speaks about you in your absence. When he fallen in love the person, kind of accidentally you hold up his all the time as an example, remembering any given situation in which he appeared.

4. Pay attention whether he is interested in your problems, sincere experiences. To the man in love it is important what happens to his woman when he is absent nearby. He will never assume that she longed or felt discomfort. Try to call it and to ask about the help. If you are important for it, it will come tearing along to you at any time.

5. And, of course, do not forget about compliments. If the guy admires your eyes, tells flatter words in your address, to liking, what are you doing, tell everything to him and as you look, then it is obvious that he shows sympathy.

6. Disappear from his life for short time. If he calls you, to ask about you mutual friends, to worry and worry, then you for him not the blank space and to it is bad without you. The main thing in this case is not to be overzealous because the nature does not tolerate emptiness, and the grief it in embraces of other beauty will console.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team