How to learn what the girl changes?

How to learn what the girl changes?

The incorrectness – the phenomenon unpleasant, and a bigger loss puts when absolutely foreign people report about it. Some will be surprised: "How it is possible not to learn what your girl changes you"? There is no actually strange nothing, over time we get used to the person, and we cease to look at his statements critically. Therefore to convict the companion of incorrectness, it is necessary to return itself sobriety of thinking and to pay attention to existence of the following signs.

How to learn whether the girl changes you?

  1. Carelessness. And it concerns not only pleasant trifles, but also those moments which only disturbed earlier. It speaks simply: the girl is interested in the beginning relations therefore everything that occurs in her settled couple not really and concerns.
  2. Diligence. In case of already installed relations "on the side" the girl can show too big diligence in performance of daily affairs. Thus she tries to make amends before the partner.
  3. New communications. Sharp emergence of mass of new acquaintances and girlfriends whom by all means it is necessary to meet in the evening can be sign of treason too. Especially it has to guard if the stipulated joint plans suffer because of such meetings long ago.
  4. Faultlessness. When the relations outgrew a stage candy buketnykh, old, but comfortable linen confuses nobody any more. And here at appearance of the new partner the desire to look for all 100% will not allow to make such slip. So to learn whether your girl changes you it is possible how she puts on.
  5. New expressions. Often communicating with someone, we involuntarily adopt its manner of the speech, intonations or we enrich a lexicon. So unexpected emergence of new turns and furthermore, interests can serve as the sign of incorrectness.
  6. Strong attachment to gadgets. In the period of love the girl wants to receive as often as possible courtesies therefore she will look for any opportunity to communicate to the beloved. By the way, it is possible to look for proofs in correspondence because often neglect safety rules of the lady. Emotions and desire again and again to re-read as they miss it come out on top and wait for a new meeting. Of course, gadgets will carefully hide and escape from hands that the compromising evidence inadvertently was not found.
  7. Employment. To learn whether the girl at distance changes it is possible only how she communicates. Keeps up the conversation or tries to find any pretext that to finish it? Finds time to respond even to the short message or reports about the mad and constant employment? The unwillingness to communicate with your mutual friends if before it willingly spent time with them can be one more call.

Of course, existence of one of signs means nothing, and here the complex of anxious moments has to guard.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team