How to restore complexion

How to restore complexion

The bad ecology, fast food, deficit of sleep and fresh air - all this affects health far not in the best way. Deterioration in a condition of skin - only one of unpleasant consequences. Regular leaving will help to restore complexion and to find the shining skin.

It is required to you

  • - Ice cubes;
  • - hot water;
  • - honey;
  • - porridge;
  • - salt.


1. The complexion depends on quality of food and work of digestive tract. Limit in the diet all harmful products - from the overroasted food to semi-finished products with preservatives. Take for the rule to drink a glass of the warmed-up water to which you can add a honey teaspoon right after awakening. Such means will help to clean an organism, to normalize an intestines vermicular movement. For breakfast try to use the porridges cooked on water without addition of salt and sugar (buckwheat or oat).

2. Regularly you carry out skin exfoliation. In house conditions you can use pharmaceutical srubs, or make them independently. One of effective remedies - the processed porridge (3 parts) and small salt (1 part). Add a little water before obtaining kashitseobrazny weight to this structure. Then massage it a face 1-2 minutes and wash away warm water.

3. Several times a year you can carry out saloon procedures of an acid peeling at the experienced cosmetologist. The purpose of similar manipulations - timely removal of dead cells and acceleration of exchange processes in skin.

4. Try to get enough sleep. Any cosmetic procedure will not give due effect if you do not give to an organism the chance completely to be restored. It is necessary to go to bed at the same time not later 23:00-23:30. If you go too to bed late, but sleep the recommended 8 hours, to you will try to obtain ideal complexion much more difficult.

5. Instead of tap water wash an ice cube in the mornings. Prepare ice in advance, and instead of water you can use grass broths, cucumber juice. The similar procedure perfectly stimulates blood circulation and restores complexion.

6. Try to walk more in the fresh air and to do fitness. Active loadings instantly restore skin color and give a flush to the face. And regular trainings will allow you to improve a condition of vessels that will well affect health of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team