How to understand - the friend or something bigger?

How to understand - the friend or something bigger?

People of an opposite sex quite often have cordial friendly relations. Besides, for the girl to have the fellow guy very conveniently. It is possible and to ask council about the relations with boys him and to ask to help to bring the bought sofa to the apartment. But sometimes it happens that in the relations there is something else besides friendly sympathy.


1. To understand who you are each other, ask the young man directly as he treats you. Reefs of this way are that the guy can tell lies as he will be frightened that because of the recognition will lose you as the friend. Besides, if your friend is really in love with you and admitted to you it, and you are ready only for friendship, will not return former sincere and trusting relationship any more.

2. If it seems to you that your friend began to make advances not friendly to you, take an interest, as its affairs on the personal front. Quite perhaps, it has intense relations with his constant girl now, and it just lacks caress therefore he also embraces you at joint viewing the movie.

3. You can try to provoke your friend. To Poflirtuyta at him with someone from your acquaintances, tell a tale that you were invited to an appointment and attentively look behind reaction of the young man. If he to you still just a friend, then it only is glad and will set on you.

4. When you are together, pay attention to pupils of your friend. It is desirable that it would be possible to call intimate a situation in which you will be at that time. If its pupils are expanded, so he has to you not friendly feelings.

5. Pay attention how often your friend touches you. If he constantly removes at you from a cheek the stuck crumbs, corrects the lock of hair which is beaten out from you from a hairstyle, shakes off your clothes from nonexistent garbage and strives to nestle on you in transport blank by people, allegedly with intentions to protect you from crowd – you are pleasant to it not only as the friend.

6. Wait until your friend himself takes the first step. He is after all a man, let will show an initiative. Let it know that he has nothing to be afraid that you not against transition of your relations to new level. The bright young man will not keep you waiting long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team