How to untwist the man on a gift

How to untwist the man on a gift

The man who loves the woman himself, as a rule, makes gifts which so please vanity and heart of his beloved. But it is necessary to be fair: men often present absolutely foolish gifts. Set of screw-drivers, Chinese sticks or ostrich's eggs. Just they do not know what to women to give us. Therefore, your task is to give aiming.


1. It is the best of all to put initially himself in a role of the kept woman. Such women are very prudent, sure of themselves and know that their love needs to be earned. Strangely enough, it are pleasant to men such type because it forces them to be in a tone all the time. They have no time to relax because if he does not earn, then will not be able to give to the lady expensive gifts. And then she will leave to another. Therefore such women are come the way pretty fast by a fur coat and a car, and everything what she wants.

2. Many men give gifts when feel guilty. Very thought over course. The main thing to begin to develop this feeling at the man, as soon as possible. Also here it is necessary to be very accurate and not to go too far. Eternally offended woman – pleasure from not palatable.

3. As to tell option to the man all the time: "praise without profit puts little in the pot", "you will not smear thanks on bread". Do you represent how he will howl after next your "thanks not …"? Here chances fifty on fifty. Or will bring you this long-awaited thanks in the issued look, it is desirable with a brelok, or is not present.

4. It is not necessary to be trustful. Cling to each its promise. Time promised to buy you a ringlet or smart perfume, let buys. Call it for work and remind of it: "Darling you promised me to buy a ring. Near your work there is a jewelry store. Let's meet near it at 18:00?" Chances to get out, practically not.

5. One of effective a way, something to receive is tears. For some reason the most part of male population is afraid of female tears. And it besides that we can cry on the smallest trifles. But in this fear our force also keeps. The main thing to use this action it is not really frequent, and that the man can get used, and then already nothing will manage to achieve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team