How to write girls comments in social networks

How to write girls comments in social networks

Social networks are very convenient web resources not only for communication, but also expression of own opinion on any given aspect. If you want to comment on the page of the girl, it is necessary to do it more careful not to cause in it negative feelings.


1. Look what sections of the page of the girl are open for you for writing of comments. The most convenient location where messages from users become visible at once, the wall is, however depending on the exposed privacy settings it can be available to commenting to all users, only friends or at all nobody (the girl places only own publications or does reposts from other pages).

2. If you are not familiar with the girl yet, just try to estimate ("to like") the pleasant records on its wall. It can be enough in order that she paid attention to you and even itself wrote you the private message. You can even make a repost of several of its records on the wall that will be especially noticeable. Even if after your actions will not follow response, and you will try to write to it, the girl will be already ready to it.

3. In case on a wall of the girl it is possible to place comments, leave them under those records most of which of all are suitable for discussion and expression concerning them personal opinion. For example, if it placed records with the opinion on the current political situation in the country, the new movie or the book, a game of favourite team, etc., write that looked, read or saw the same, and also very much it was pleasant to you. It is a suitable opportunity to pass smoothly to acquaintance and personal correspondence.

4. A fine opportunity for commenting – the photo on the page of the girl. Pay special attention to an avatar on most of which often girls put the best photos and at the same time wait that they were appreciated. Surely "like" its avatar and leave under it not banal and interesting comment, for example, "You look just fantastically!" or "It is a pity that I was not near you at this great moment …" So you surely will draw attention to yourself and will become further the desired interlocutor.

5. The photos published in albums and on the girl's wall, also well are suitable for commenting. Do not forget to put "likes" and to leave the records corresponding to the imprinted moments. Estimate beauty of the girl and the nature at a background, admire the cities and the countries where it visited and also praise it for ability to take very colourful and unusual picture. Make the same under videos and other files or records which the girl placed on the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team