How to teach a puppy to a rack

How to teach a puppy to a rack

The dog with whom the owner plans to take part at an exhibition surely has to be able to stand in a free rack. To teach it a dog not so difficult, it is only necessary to know how it is correct to make it without prejudice to health of the pet.

It is required to you

  • - puppy.


1. To train a dog in any teams the easiest at early age, still a puppy. You do not teach the favourite to the sit team, it is much simpler at first to study "to stand". Do not encourage a dog when she sits opposite to you, only if the dog is about your leg.

2. Remember that it is possible to work with a three-months puppy only a couple of minutes, with five-months - three or four minutes, with eight-months – seven or eight minutes. Try to stop classes before the dog is tired. Stop lessons when it is still interesting to a dog.

3. Praise the pet, give him delicacy. After the occupation and at once before them do not draw to a dog the attention of minutes 15-20. In that case, the dog with impatience will expect training, lessons will seem to it more interesting. During the classes try not to tell superfluous.

4. All your speech has to be limited to teams. Be weakened and quiet. Call a puppy to yourself. Show to the pet delicacy and raise it, having forced a dog to rise. As soon as he made it, give him a treat. Repeat it several times, let the dog will better learn the lesson.

5. Let now the puppy will stand longer, and only then give him delicacy. That your pet accepted the necessary pose, he has to change position of the head. Move before it a hand with a treat when the dog accepts the correct pose, tell the stand team. Now the dog will know this team.

6. Repeat these actions several times that the puppy remembered team better. Take a dog under a neck and recede one leg back. In the future at implementation of this command recede the same leg not to bring down a dog from sense. If the puppy remained on the place, return back a leg and give it delicacy.

7. If the dog nevertheless moved a little, repeat these actions until at a dog it does not turn out to be motionless. Then recede back, but you do not hold a puppy. Return on the former place and give to the pet a treat. Depart from a puppy and wait a little, only after that return into place. Your task to achieve from the pet of a motionless rack in the necessary situation.

8. Give to a dog a treat if he remained on the place. The dog has to be motionless about two or three minutes, give the wait command. Repeat these actions several times that the puppy acquired this team.

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