In what secret of happy marriage

In what secret of happy marriage

Being in marriage, many couples face the certain problems leading to total destruction of family. For certain such people would like to learn a secret of happy marriage and to use chance to keep the relations.

Begin with yourself

First of all it is necessary to stop attention on ability to listen. In particular this knowledge men often neglect. The ability to listen and hear is a key to the solution of all problems. According to psychologists when someone sincerely listens to the person, he makes an impression that it is not indifferent for people around that it is loved and appreciated. Thus, if the partner came to tell you about the burdens, do not ignore him, find a little own time, the result will exceed all your expectations. You should not interrupt. Let's the person be uttered up to the end.

Also the ability to listen helps to pay attention to some problems which were outlined in the relations. Most often women speak about them, and men just turn to similar words a deaf ear, and then are surprised that some time ago they already about it were told.

It is important not to criticize constantly the partner and not to try to change him. It only irritates. Of course, it is possible to make a remark once, but if there are no changes, an exit following here: or to accept the person it what he is, or to break off these relations and to find to itself(himself) someone more suitable. Anyway it is impossible to do without ability to go on compromises. You should not think that the man has to concede in everything always. He is the same person therefore will estimate if make to it concessions.

Material disorders

In some cases the relations fall because of problems with money. Certainly, it is possible to spend all life for complaints concerning the shortage of money, but whether it is better to learn to derive pleasure from what already is? Sometimes in dreams of an improbable holiday and the big apartment the people forget about that joy which exists around them right now. It does not mean that it is not necessary to aspire to something, to try to promote on an office ladder and, as a result, to begin to earn more. Just all people do it differently: someone suffers because of lack of material freedoms, and others – just enjoy the moment and go forward.

Fight against a routine

The routine destroys by a relation time. As they say, life jams. In other words, follows among working duties and household chores to find time for the soulmate, to periodically give romantic parties or to be sent on leave only together. Besides, you should not hesitate to express the emotions, priyato to hear the words "I love you" also after 10, and 20 and more years of marriage, and it is possible to do it in very extraordinary form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team