Kindergarten and diseases: justified risk?

Kindergarten and diseases: justified risk?

Presenting to couples of charm of parental happiness, the destiny immediately throws up them many duties, alarms and doubts. The reasons for those a set from the choice of methods of education of the kid before the choice of an optimum diet and cares of health. And what to hide, any of parents, first of all, wishes to see the kid healthy and happy! Whether it is worth sending the kid to kindergarten and to suffer constant diseases?

Especially carefully parents sponsor children of preschool age that is absolutely explainable. The fact is that at this age of the baby are more defenseless and vulnerable, and generally to various illnesses and diseases. And still it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account that on achievement of three-year age by the baby before parents there is a difficult task to resolve an issue with preschool institution. Whether to send the child to a garden or to continue to bring up independently, sometimes trusting the most valuable to grandmothers and neighbors?

Doubts of parents are quite proved. Judge for yourself, today continually it is possible to hear about changeable visit by the child of kindergarten that is result of frequent diseases. And if to return to the beginning of our material, it becomes clear many parents, sending children to a garden, feel serious panic!

And whether it is worth being afraid actually of children's diseases in a garden? Whether it is necessary to sponsor the child, putting a taboo on its visit of collective?

The first that young parents have to understand and accept, it is impossible to avoid children's diseases! In any case, it is not a reason for deprivation of the child of full all-round development, obtaining the necessary skills of communication, discipline and an order. The kindergarten is a base for above-mentioned knowledge!


The main enemies illnesses whom the kids staying in preschool institution, infectious and viral diseases face. Many pediatricians advise parents to draw close attention to strengthening of immunity of the child. The child has to be adapted to different conditions of stay in any given space, and the principle of adaptation includes several nuances. One of them hardening. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to do of the kid a walrus. It is enough to cease to dress the child in cold season as to the North Pole, and not to bathe him in too hot water. The body of the kid has to get used to different temperatures, and it not necessarilynot necessarily has to be overheating.

One more council focus attention on walks which have to be included in the schedule of the kid regardless of weather. The child has to feel all manifestations of surrounding space, even not the not most pleasant. The principle of adaptation also consists in it!


To a campaign in a garden it is recommended to pay due attention to observance of a diet of the child. Children have to eat various food, nutritious and vitamin-rich. The most important in baby food observance of time of meal. Thanks to such moment, the child and his digestive system it will not be difficult to get used to a diet which works in kindergarten, so it is not necessary to remember belly-aches.


And now several words about whether it is worth imposing on the child a birochka not sadikovy and to hurry to save it from visit of preschool institution.

Certainly, mummies who did not know the road to policlinic prior to visit of a garden not so a little. And here only the child crossed an institution threshold as he began to be ill, so to stay at home and make tests.

Unpleasant picture, undoubtedly, however it is necessary to remember one moment at children's age many diseases are transferred much easier. Besides, some of them need to be tried on!

When parents refuse visit by the child of preschool institution, the kid will miss not just alone, it will be much more difficult to it to struggle with the most common cold as the immunity simply is not developed!

Observance of the above-stated methods and rules will help the child quicker and more simply to get used to conditions outdoors, to strengthen immunity, to have various illnesses. Is not necessary also will neglect services of the pediatrician before a visit of kindergarten not superfluous to make comprehensive examination of the kid in policlinic. It will allow to define all weak and strengths of an organism of the baby.

And the last to learn to resist to illnesses it is necessary in the childhood!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team