Specific features of imagination

Specific features of imagination

Imagination – fine manifestation of identity of the person, with his help it is possible to create masterpieces, to invent new useful things, to operate cultural and material life. Exactly thanks to specific features of imagination and abilities to think and work creatively artists, writers, the scientists write novels, make discoveries and many other things.

Imagination – process mental, and features of creative imagination are especially individual at each person. They are shown both in study, and in life public, and in work. It is expressed in distinctions of people on:

  • to the level of development of imagination;
  • to type of images which the imagination uses.

Degree of features of development of imagination and memory is characterized on:

  • to novelty and originality of images;
  • their brightness;
  • abilities of the person to comprehend products of the imagination.

Features of development of creative imagination

Undoubtedly, the imagination needs to be developed, it is desirable at children's age. Badly developed imagination prevents to solve cogitative problems, to visually see various situations, to think widely and globally.

Well developed imagination helps to read books, to solve mathematical problems, to find non-standard solutions of problems, to introduce a variety in routine occupations. Researches confirm that people with well developed imagination choose often creative professions, invent new products, work as scientists and researchers.

It is considered that all people can be divided as the imagination, allocate the following types:

  • audiala (all perceive through hearing);
  • visual learners (they developed visual perception);
  • kinestetik (all perceive taktilno).

There are also age features of imagination. Psychologists believe that at each age the imagination works differently, this process depends on the physiological and anatomic processes peculiar to concrete age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team