Syndrome of chronic fatigue - treatment

Syndrome of chronic fatigue - treatment

The question of how to treat a syndrome of chronic fatigue, is relevant for many citizens. They most often should spend time for the road and affairs instead of rest, being in a constant stress. When overfatigue is saved day by day, the feeling of weakness and fatigue increases and becomes constant.

Reasons of a syndrome of chronic fatigue

Still the exact reasons of chronic fatigue are not established, however experts put forward different versions. Among them such are popular:

  • overfatigue often arises at people with heart failure;
  • overfatigue is capable to arise against the background of the diseases complicating breath (asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema, etc.);
  • overfatigue can be caused by a depression or a disturbing state;
  • overfatigue can arise against the background of drug intake for cough, cold or a motion sickness, somnolent, antihistaminic and antiallergic medicines, contraceptives and some other;
  • sometimes overfatigue arises after the postponed viral infection;
  • overfatigue can be a symptom of serious diseases (diabetes, heart troubles, mononukleoz, hepatitis, cancer, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, a hypothyroidism, a hypoglycemia, a myasthenia, etc.).
  • overfatigue arises against the background of sleep disorders;
  • overfatigue can be the accompanying obesity phenomenon;
  • overfatigue arises against the background of the wrong mode of a dream and rest and also food.

Certainly, before curing a syndrome of chronic fatigue, it is necessary to establish a cause of illness. If overfatigue arises not against the background of fatigue and a lack of a dream, then it indicates more serious problem with health which treatment will allow to restore courage.

Syndrome of chronic fatigue - treatment

It is independently possible to practice simple methods of treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue which will fix a problem if the reason not in other disease, and in overfatigue of an organism against the background of a lack of rest and a dream.

  1. You go to bed not later than 7-8 hours until rise. Provide worthy conditions of a dream: previously air the room, turn off the light, eliminate foreign sounds, before going to bed drink a cup of tea with honey.
  2. You go on foot or be engaged in exercises not less than 30 minutes a day to avoid development of a hypodynamia.
  3. Refuse addictions – smoking and acceptance of alcohol. They aggravate a problem, adding to it the shortage of oxygen and dehydration.
  4. Eat 3-4 times a day approximately at the same time to adjust the organism on a certain daily routine.
  5. At a syndrome of chronic fatigue accept vitamins – any qualitative multivitamin complex is good. Faces the choice to consult with the doctor.
  6. Even at work at least once at 1-2 o'clock distract from affairs, get up, walk, look at a window, give to a brain small unloading.
  7. On the weekend switch off phone and let's themselves have a rest without stress, in a quiet, pleasant atmosphere.

Treatment of a syndrome of chronic fatigue medicines is admissible only if you consulted with the doctor, and he recommended them to you. Medicines it is worth refusing independent treatment as such experience can strike your health, on the contrary. As a rule, normalizing the mode, the person already makes great progress and almost completely copes with a problem.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team