The divorced man: how to build with him the relations

The divorced man: how to build with him the relations

The relations between representatives of different floors not always proceed simply. If the man gets divorced from the wife, after that it is difficult to it to decide on the new novel therefore the girl has to look for to it a certain approach.

How to find approach to the divorced man?

The first that you have to make at acquaintance to the man who got divorced from the wife not so long ago - it is to find to it special approach. Try to find out what led to break in relations with his former soulmate. It is very important, you should not make similar mistakes if you do not want to lose the new beloved. Ask about what irritated the man in his ex-wife, maybe, she behaved not absolutely correctly or was able to afford to make treason. Thus you will be able to build for yourself the correct line of conduct which will help you to adapt to the man.

How to win over the divorced man?

If you already know how it is impossible to behave with the new acquaintance, time to reveal its weak points came. It is not about those things. which are capable to hurt it, and about his addictions. Gradually gain his trust. He has to understand that you - that girl who is capable to support at a difficult moment, just to help or to be near. He has to be convinced that it - the one who is necessary to you and you will not begin to seek to it replacement or banal entertainments elsewhere. You say to the beloved that he is "most": the strongest, the cleverest, the most beautiful, the most courageous. Inspire in it self-confidence, and he will really make everything for the sake of you. It is possible to learn about his preferences through your mutual friends, friends or even at his parents. Perhaps, it has a favourite dish, or he is fond of fishing. Present it a new rod or a set of fishing tackles. He has to see that to you its interests are not indifferent.

Stock up with wisdom and patience, be ready that your man will remember quite often the past. You should not show it the jealousy at all. perhaps, from last marriage it had children therefore you have to not only allow meetings with them, but also to say to him that it would not be bad to spend time with children. After a while, when you are convinced of gravity of your relations, you can show an initiative and get acquainted with his kids. He surely will estimate it. Never put yourself above his family and respect its former. You are not able to afford to speak it badly, to speak about that. that you it is better in something. Do not compare yourself to it, you remember that you have absolutely different relations which should not have something in common.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team