The man the romantic - what it?

The man the romantic - what it?

In the modern pragmatic world with its eternal haste and fierce competition of romanticism not in honor. However ladies sometimes so want that their gentlemen were though a little romantic, did not forget to give flowers, to pay beautiful, graceful compliments. And if they still made unexpected, extraordinary acts in honor of the beloveds, the price it would not be! So what it, male romantic, what his pluses and minuses?

Dignity of the romantic man

With such partner as the romantic, it will not be boring for the woman. He will not be limited to beautiful words, and will try to surprise her with an unexpected pleasant surprise. The young person romantic is quite capable to sing the serenade under a window of darling, to write fine verses to her honor, to send it to work a bouquet of magnificent roses, to decorate an opposite wall of the house with the poster: "I love you". He sincerely believes that he is capable for the sake of the beloved of everything, getting that notorious star from the sky.

To each woman very pleasantly, flatterly to feel such attitude towards itself. The girl wants to be desired, favourite.

The romantic, as a rule, well well-mannered, polite person, he with sincere respect treats women. The romantic man will not allow rough, negligence to the woman, he will always attentively listen to her opinion on any question, will be tactful.

In most cases the romantic is an educated person with a broad outlook, he knows much, is engaged in self-education. Therefore it is just interesting and easy to communicate with it. He does not interrupt, tries to find the general subjects for a conversation. At last, romantics leave good lovers as they are gentle and delicate in a bed, try not only to take pleasure, but also to bring it to the partners.

Shortcomings of the male romantic

However many qualities of the romantic man often cease to be pleasant to the woman if he becomes her husband. First of all, romantic, as a rule, very impractical person. He quite accepts the minimum level of prosperity, comfort, and he sincerely does not understand discontent of the wife who is expecting much more from it. The romantic very seldom seeks to promote as in his system of values the good position (and the material prosperity connected with it) is not in the first place.

As a result, such husband will hardly be able to play a traditional role of the getter and supporter of family.

Romantically adjusted man also very seldom corresponds to definition "Jack of all trades". For it to repair the proceeding crane or to attach to a wall the lamp – a big problem. Without telling about more complex work though there are always exceptions. But if the woman is not confused by these shortcomings of the partner, she can be quite happy with the male romantic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team