What 100 reasons to write to the guy what I love him for

What 100 reasons to write to the guy what I love him for

Sometimes simple "I love you" becomes insufficiently. There is a wish to show the feelings more brightly, more considerably, more extensively. In this case it is possible to make the "100 reasons what I love you for" list. But difficult to a descent to think up all 100 reasons therefore it is possible to look for inspiration on the Internet.

Do not use ready lists of the Internet. The meaning of such message is to show your feelings and thoughts, but not to copy strangers. Therefore it is possible to use similar lists only as inspiration. Or to choose the phrases coinciding with your relations and to rewrite the necessary point by the own words.

A lot of things depend on execution of the list. It is possible just to whisper gentle messages on an ear. But if it is a gift for anniversary – issue it so that it was possible to re-read every year. In the form of cards, the curtailed leaves in bank, notes on the house and in his clothes. It is possible to send SMS messages to phone the whole day, and to present the complete list of recognitions in the evening.

Style of the narration. Execute all list in uniform style: begin playful, sensual or each point with a phrase "I love you …" and further specify the reason. It is desirable to write each point shortly – according to one offer.

What 100 reasons to write to the guy what you love him for?

Epithets about the beloved. It is possible to begin with what you appreciate in your man. It is desirable to write not just "sense of humour", and "I love you, you can always make laugh me". List all those qualities which you love in it and you appreciate. What you feel near it. "I love you because I near you feel protected". "I feel happy because nobody will be able to love me stronger, than you". "I love you for feeling of immense happiness which covers me". For his merits and feats. Remember all those remarkable things which it ever did for you. Breakfasts in a bed, original appointments, gifts in an occasion and without.

Do not eulogize for everyday affairs, like carrying out of garbage.

Use humour to think up the original reasons. It is not obligatory to use only serious things, force it to smile when reading. Remember amusing cases from your relations or beat with humour of its quality.

What in the list should not be?

Comparisons with other men. It is not appropriate to write that he kisses better, than your ex-boyfriend. Or it is the most beautiful than your acquaintances. This list has to concern only you two and if is, your children.

It is possible to compare darling only to one man – your general son.

In the list there should not be reasons which do not approach under a situation. It often happens if to copy someone else's lists. For example, if in the list it is written "for eyes of color of the sea", and the guy has brown eyes. The similar situation can concern also other things – character, a constitution, habits and features of your relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team