How to learn about feelings of the person

How to learn about feelings of the person

In human life for certain there were moments when he very much wanted to understand: his interlocutor is how sincere what he thinks now of what feelings he has. For example, it is very pleasant to girl to hear that she is loved that for the guy it is the best in the world. And at the same time where guarantees that the guy tells the truth? How to understand its feelings? It seems also speaks sincerely, with warmth in a voice, and so kind smile, and you never know cases when such lovers were deceivers! Here knowledge of a mimicry and gestures can come to the rescue of the girl.


1. Smile. How to distinguish when it sincere and when the guy only pretends what communication with you gives him joy, overflows with positive emotions? You watch its centuries. If at a smile not only mouth corners stretch, but also eyelids, feelings of the guy almost for certain sincerely as reduction of the muscles "operating" for centuries happens involuntarily start moving. It is almost impossible to make it "by request".

2. Pay attention in his opinion. It is known that when the person tells the truth when he has nothing to hide from the interlocutor, he often and long looks to it in the face. To the contrary, he or tries to take a look aside, or looks in a floor, so for some reason deceives and is afraid that he can be caught in a lie.

3. Mouth corners. They can tell about much! For example, if the guy just swore to you that loves very much, and now when he listens to your words, at him one corner of a mouth is raised, with the probability of 99% he lied, feeling to you at best indulgent pity, in the worst – outright contempt: visited to the little fool noodles on ears, and she trusts everything!

4. If he says to you that he is happy that he's fine, and corners of his mouth are lowered, kind of "hung", at heart at it is obvious "cats scrape"!

5. The guy says that you for him the best, close and expensive what he entirely trusts you, and itself at a conversation holds hands crossed on a breast? Its feelings, most likely, it is insincere: such pose is instinctively accepted by the person feeling mistrust to the interlocutor, or even afraid of it. At best, if he tries: and for what it is, actually, possible to wait from this person? Exceptions happen, of course, but very seldom.

6. Or he assures that he is brave, of nothing and nobody is afraid that he will protect you from any troubles and troubles, and he has a strained, stiffened person, and he besides often licks lips? It is sign of diffident, shy people.

7. Try to understand its feelings, using these hints. It is quite possible that it will save you from mistakes and disappointments. And, above all – listen to the heart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team