What guys are wanted by girls

What guys are wanted by girls

To understand the woman often happens absolutely not simply and she can not always find logic in the acts. Girls all different, at everyone the tastes, but nevertheless the vast majority reaches for the same qualities in men. The young man in love should know what guys are wanted by girls surely to catch arrangement of the beloved.

It is required to you

  • Courage, determination, self-confidence, generosity, kindness, strong mind, excellent sense of humour, determination, romanticism, unpredictability.


1. When the guy turns out in such situation that he just does not know how to be pleasant to the girl, he should resort to the standard ways. For many ladies the most important qualities in men is a self-confidence, determination and courage. Each woman wants such satellite which will be for her a patron and a strong wall, a shoulder on which she can rely at any time. It is only necessary to show it at any opportunity.

2. Of course, the ideal guy has to be generous and not be greedy in relation to the girl, nice to him at all. The speech does not even go about alms to the homeless and disabled people though the kind soul, the altruism and charity, most likely, will subdue most of women. Bill payment at restaurant, too nobody cancelled flowers, gifts and various surprises. If the man does not have enough funds for rich courtings, the developed imagination by means of which it, perhaps, will manage to be limited to insignificant expenditure is necessary for him, but nevertheless to strike the companion.

3. Representing what guys are wanted by girls, it is necessary to think that hardly they will want to communicate with complete fools. The man has to be the clever, erudite, interesting interlocutor. The girl wants to be proud of the guy, but not to be confused because of his nonsense. The boyfriend can be not really and well-read, but he surely has to have a highlight which will interest and indicate that the person is fond of something, to something aspires that it has a potential.

4. The list of necessary qualities for involvement of any lady surely includes excellent sense of humour. All girls, even the most serious, want to make laugh the guys able them, possessing an eternal stock of witty jokes and a positive and also infectious laughter. Any woman will not prefer society of the boring and silent bore to communication with the ringleader soul of the company!

5. All girls want surprises, a variety, surprises and it is as little as possible routine with most of which of guys so like to fill life. Forgetting about predictability and showing to beloved other aspect of life, usually try to obtain success in gaining. It is only enough to invite unexpectedly the girl to the unusual place or to an interesting action, or to surprise with an unusual gift without cause. It is possible to gather inspiration from romantic movies or the Internet, and efforts will be surely rewarded, not so many men really seek to strike the women.

6. Do not give up, girls want that tried to obtain them! The persistence submits, and fall in love at first with the attitude towards themselves, and then already with the person, pretty often.

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