What irritates men in women?

What irritates men in women?

Women and men absolutely different is a fact of common knowledge. To be happy together, it is necessary to know what irritates men in women and to avoid it. Actually, it irritates not only men.

If you never thought that irritates men in women, this article will be useful. The things described below irritate men and prevent to lead to you full-fledged life. It is better to eradicate them.

Thirst of money

It is clear, that the woman as future mother, has to choose the man who will be able to provide the worthy standard of living to her and the child. However it is constant to demand gifts and excessively to you it is not necessary to care only for material. Be just more attentive. You look at how your elect spends money what interests at it whether it has a desire to earn more, to set the purposes and to reach them. If he works at one work for absolutely little money, and does not seek to earn more, can be sure that nothing will change and after you legalize the relations.

Pay attention to that, your elect is how hardworking. Actually, all is visible, it is not necessary to ask directly about salary and financial opportunities.


The presents to the man are not loved by gossips. And here women just adore washing up bones all. As in a joke when 3 girlfriends gathered and to talk there is nothing. Because before gathered on two and discussed a third.

Men are too busy by themselves and the hobbies. They have no time to discuss someone. And if the woman discusses girlfriends, in the opinion of the man she looks as absolutely uninteresting person whom any more there is nothing to talk. And it is silly. Not only from the male point of view.

Gossips in general are pernicious for female energy. Therefore you should not gossip even if there is no man nearby. And it is the is best of all, to stop when speak about someone badly at you.


The real man as the superhero – always hurries to the aid. He will solve any problems, will always help and will support. But, keep in mind that the woman has to solve absolutely minor problems. Otherwise he will think that you are infantile, and need the round-the-clock guardianship.


You thank the man that he for you pulled up trees. You are sincerely grateful. The ingratitude breaks their heart and beats off desire to do something for the woman. Over time flowers on each appointment are taken for granted, expensive gifts too. And as a result of desire to give something does not arise any more. Rejoice every time as the first. If the man does something for you, sacrifices something, praise!

Personal space

At men this concept special. Do not climb in phone, in a box, in a pocket at all and do not encroach on personal belongings. Also do not bother with calls, asking, and you where, and you with whom. When it is necessary, he will call. If you have any doubts concerning his fidelity, can safely sever all relations. Because the relations are under construction on trust. And excessive control of unfaithfulness will not prevent.


This man is not transferred. It is often possible to hear a phrase: if you do not trust me, let's leave. The jealousy, as well as gossips, will destroy your female energy from within. Just be the best for the man that there was never desire to look at the party. Be loving, understanding, attentive, passionate, mysterious. And then there will be no reason left for jealousy. You will be the best woman in his life.


Women are very emotional. Men opposite. Even women do not love hysterical women. Really you think that it is pleasant to men? Troublemaking and hysterical women are pleasant unless to mentally unhealthy people. Therefore leave hysterics and scandals in the past.


Because the woman is more emotional, she needs to splash out the emotions. She does it by means of words. The man does not love excessive female garrulity therefore try not to bother him with a long talk. Get a habit to gather with girlfriends for a couple of hours outdoors and to talk.


If you constantly are dissatisfied with everything and always complain, it pushes away. Besides, not only men. Such people as vampires suck energy. At first there is a wish to help, and then there is strong desire to escape far away.

For the man the ideal woman that which constantly grows and improves itself. Every day becomes kinder, cleaner, is lighter and is happier. If she likes to gossip, swear, poisterit, criticize the government, and then still to call and go into a scene of jealousy, it causes disgust.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team