What it is possible to be engaged with the guy of the house in

What it is possible to be engaged with the guy of the house in

Dreaming of quiet cozy evenings of the house with the guy, do not forget to think out interesting occupations not to get bored inadvertently. Romantic and fascinating can be various actions, it is necessary to create the suitable atmosphere only.

Fascinating occupations

The most widespread occupation with the guy of the house alone is a viewing movies on a cozy soft sofa with the whole set of tasty dishes on a coffee table. But just in the same situation it is possible to read aloud the book interesting to both of you or to listen to it performed by the professional announcer. It is possible to compare, by the way, the work of art and the film shot for its motives.

Try to play together with the guy a computer game. Choose that genre which does not force you to be nervous and quarrel. If at you it is impossible to shoot at monsters and to drive competing in speed on the high-speed road, carry away the guy life simulators. For example, Sims 3 perfectly will be suitable for a joint game where it is possible to create characters, to choose a house situation, to build buildings, to put gardens and many other things.

Be engaged at last in execution of the photos! Make a slideshow with favourite music and stunning special effects. Download templates for collages in some certain style. Then this work can be distributed to all your relatives and friends, let admire beautiful couple and tremendous landscapes. It is possible even to organize a photoshoot in cool suits, having done a bright make-up and having put on carnival wigs.

Useful occupations

Having stayed at home with the guy, except romantic pastime, it is possible to think up also other useful occupations. If you like any dish, learn to prepare it instead of ordering on the house or to buy in salad bar of supermarket! Even preparation of beaters does not demand special cook art - the main thing that both of you helped each other and treated process of "torsion" with humour. Perhaps, you will invent the house family specialty with which you will be proud and treat guests. For certain in your dwelling there will be a two-three of affairs for the real man. For example, to hang up a picture, to move a case or to change laying in the mixer. It is quite possible that the guy will be delighted to an opportunity to help you and to show the skill. And collaboration is always a peculiar check on compatibility and a fine opportunity to know the partner much better. Only do not forget to thank the master for his diligence! After fruitful works and a nourishing dinner it is a high time to play quiet board game. To get a lotto, "Monopoly", cards, dominoes or chess it is necessary in advance if there is no house of anything similar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team