What to do if strongly you love the guy, and he is not present you

What to do if strongly you love the guy, and he is not present you

The unrequited love happens in life of each person. It leaves behind feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. In a similar situation it is possible to take a number of actions to soften morbidity of unrequited love.

How to overcome emotions?

In this situation actually nothing can be done. Just it is the best of all to leave emotions, feelings in the past and to move to the future. However not each person can make it so simply. It is very important to many women to try to change a situation. They are divided into two big groups. It is important to first to achieve the objective not to cripple own vanity, the second to spit on vanity and pride, they are ready for everything if only not to lose feeling. Both options are not too good as the love cannot be created from nothing and it is impossible to hold by means of force.

Women who step through the pride and vanity do not receive usually anything except contempt from the person who is loved. Very seldom they can convince the beloved to give them a chance, but such love out of despair and pity seldom leads to something good. Women, it is important to them to achieve love not to be pathetic, make a number of irreparable acts, seriously complicating themselves life, or just fruitlessly spend too many forces for achievement of ephemeral result.

What should I do?

The best option in a case with unrequited love is fight with by itself for the happiness. It is very important to convince himself that it is necessary just to live further, having refused sufferings and throwings. First of all, it is necessary to understand feelings, to understand as far as they are strong. Most often the serious thoughtful analysis shows that this love arose because of feeling of loneliness, so, any other mutual novel will be able to muffle it as will remove its prime cause. In this case it is rather simple to be engaged in search of other suitable object for the application of feelings. And you should not look for it somewhere away, most likely some beautiful man already is in your environment. If desire "is the cornerstone of unrequited love not just to be not one", think of behavior and character of the beloved. Perhaps, he shows in you interest or more strong feelings, but is afraid to show as men have a huge number of doubtful stereotypes about the correct "male" behavior. It is the in that case simplest to cause it on straight talk to place all points over "i". It can be the painful procedure, but it is much simpler than infinite flirtation and careful investigation. Besides, if his answer is negative, you should not doubt more. Uncompromising "no" forces to move further, despite pity to itself. To fight for own love or to sever relations, - you should solve only. However you remember that men do not love too annoying women. All because it is alien to their nature. Do not forget that the man is a hunter who likes most to try to obtain arrangement of the woman. For this reason you should not force him. Perhaps, just it is better to release him and to wait for a meeting with the one who will love you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team