What to do if the husband is not glad to pregnancy

What to do if the husband is not glad to pregnancy

When the woman learns about pregnancy and tells the husband, she wishes to see joy on his face, happiness in eyes. Sometimes it does not happen. There is a question: how to it to behave if reaction of the husband to news of pregnancy was negative?

Emotional reaction of the man to news of replenishment of family can be various, even negative. It does not mean that all future fathers have only negative feelings when they learn about the future changes in life. Know beforehand as the man will behave, having received news of pregnancy of the soulmate, it is impossible. Pregnancy can be planned or unexpected, but anyway men's reaction is unpredictable. Emergence in family of tension, nervousness and offenses is from this point possible. To prevent such succession of events, it is necessary to try to understand that the man feels, to look on a situation at it with eyes.

Features of men

For the man the news of pregnancy is a stress. To cope with unexpected emotions and to accept a new situation to it it will be difficult. Some factors can complicate process of acceptance of pregnancy of the wife: unstable financial position, features of character, intense family relations, etc. Men have a stress more difficult, they do not have that hormonal background which future mother has. And simply men are less emotional.

How to react to behavior of the husband

Questions it seems can be reaction of the husband to the message about pregnancy: "Do you joke?", "As it turned out?". Also the man can look silently uncomprehending eyes or just to leave to other room, to be late at work, not to call any time. Though this situation is extremely unpleasant for the pregnant woman, it is necessary to stock up with patience, not to panic and not to despair. Perhaps, the husband was not morally ready to such changes, and the first reaction he will have a stupor. It is not necessary to heat a situation, making to the man a complaint concerning behavior. Show softness, understanding, tactfully helping the soulmate to adapt to a new situation. There has to pass some time that the husband accepted future kid then reaction it will become absolute another.

The man can openly express unavailability to appearance of the new family member, will give different arguments: "We have no housing", "We are still very young", "If you leave work now, we will not pull the child". Similar excuses prove that men in essence are rationalists. It does not mean that your elect feels hostility to the child. Just he tries to analyze changes and difficulties which inevitably will arise with the birth of the kid. In such situation you should not do hasty conclusions. The main thing – that the man in the future was a support for family, and for this purpose you have to help it to resolve disturbing issues. Convince the spouse of a possibility of overcoming any problems: the thing for the child can take from girlfriends, to work in the decree remotely, and the mortgage loan for family with the small child is given on profitable terms. The husband with disturbing lines in character, diffident, can feel strong fear for news of pregnancy. It happens also to men who are afraid of restriction of freedom of action. They can leave family or begin to drink, become rough and express doubts concerning fidelity of the wife. In such situation you should not wait for fast change of mood of the spouse. Here the main thing to protect itself from his bad emotions. If the woman wants support and understanding, then she can ask for the help relatives, close friends. After a while it is appropriate to try to talk to the husband about his fears or to address the psychologist. At any reaction of the husband to news of pregnancy the wife has to give it time for adaptation to a new situation. The man will realize the feelings, some time to be shocked. Only then you will be able to estimate its relation to this event and will make together the decision on further actions. Even if the husband reacted with rough delight, it does not guarantee that in the future he will be an ideal father and will not become strong to be late at work, avoiding communication with the child. The man who in the beginning showed negative emotions can become very responsible and loving father.

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