What to present to parents on a ruby wedding?

What to present to parents on a ruby wedding?

40 years – solid term for people who together go on life. It is such long term! Those who in so many years carried by love and tenderness, certainly, deserve respect and admiration, including – and even especially! – from the children.

Therefore it is worth thinking properly what to present to parents on a ruby wedding, the gift has to express so many warm feelings!

Gifts with rubies

Ruby is the stone which gave the name to this celebration – symbolizes all-conquering and mighty feeling which parents carried by in years. Each other they this day have to present the new wedding rings decorated with ardent gemstone. Children can present to parents jewelry with rubies too. For example, mother can present earrings, and the father – cuff links with rubies.

Gift color ruby …

But the gift on a ruby wedding to parents absolutely optional has to be jewelry. It is possible to think up something absolutely another if there is a confidence that they will be delighted to it. In this question it is necessary to be guided by tastes of parents, but not own! That, for example, it will be more pleasant to them to receive: the warm plaid showing care of their rest or the permit in the trip showing desire to see them vigorous and active?

Traditionally gifts on a ruby wedding are chosen to match this amazing gemstone. From this point of view, it is not so important what was presented: something incredibly expensive or something quite budgetary. The main thing – that the gift was scarlet color or is at least wrapped up in red packing paper.

It, for example, can be a set of ware or the electric kettle, a biofireplace or a smart set of silk bed linen, a carpet or the laptop – all in ruby color.

Cheap, but it is lovely

From this point of view, a question what to present on a ruby wedding to parents it is inexpensive, it is absolutely simple. In red color it is possible to pick up anything: glasses, napkins, cloth, plaids, blender, camera, mobile phone … Everything depends on imagination and financial opportunities.

If the decision to make a gift on a ruby wedding with own hands, then the good idea – to decorate several bottles of champagne in style of a ruby wedding was made. On them it is possible to make, for example, stickers with the image of hearts, rubies, congratulatory inscriptions and other. In the same style it is possible to issue also a traditional bouquet of flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team