Who such snob?

Who such snob?

During different eras this term made the, certain sense, but it always carried a negative emotional color. Today say about such person: "From rags to riches". So who such snob – read in this article.

Who such snob and what is snobbery?

There are several versions of origin of this word:

  1. For the first time mentions of it are found in historical literature of 1775-1875. So called the shoemaker or the shoemaker's journeyman. Further it gained the general sense and extended to all people of low estate, and later and on those who hid the origin and in every way tried to resemble the aristocrat, imitated the speech and manners of the nobility.
  2. Other version says that the word has older origin and in translation from Latin reduction "s.nob." means "ignoble origin".
  3. According to the third version at the term absolutely other, English roots. The thing is that at the beginning of the 19th century at the Eton university the limited number of students of the lowest estate studied. They competed with aristocrats, but were powerless before a system. From opposition of commoners to representatives of the highest nobility the word snob was also born.

Those who is interested that the snob means can answer that it is the person admiring society, imitating its manners and tastes and by hook or by crook seeking to get there. He can apply for the right to be authority on any area, for example, the intellectual snob considers himself cleverer and is more sensible, is even wiser than others and at the same time despises and haughty treats those who, according to him, fall short of such level. The word meets in many languages of the world and from it there was a term "snobbery" which in outdated understanding characterized the aspiration and desire of the person not to lag behind fashion, to constantly adhere to manners of "high society" and an aristocratic circle.

Modern word meaning snob

Today borders between classes are more indistinct and it is possible to become a part of "electees", having a lot of money, communications or a good education. Therefore those who asks a question that it means – the snob can answer that it is about a certain layer of society which on any given indicators considers itself "elite" and opposes itself to all rest certain qualities to which refer clothes style, and to tell behavior, a manner to behave. It helps them to emphasize own importance and originality. Emphasizing the belonging to such group, her members also give own snobbery.

Behavior of the typical snob

  1. Their behavior, manners and way of expression of the emotions not just become the business card of that accessory, but also an opportunity to express the contempt for all rest, to point by it to "the place".
  2. They consider themselves is higher than others, and all others unworthy, pathetic and insignificant, without understanding that those are they. The high-spiritual person will never be proud of the spirituality as highly educated and clever – the mind. The same people just apply for education and intellectuality though in practice those are not.
  3. They surround themselves with objects of art and cultural values, visit opening days and exhibitions, wishing to seem, but not to be.
  4. Their taste and refinement of manners cause in people only laughter and pity. Many stars of show business which like to shock public are such striking example, to give themselves for those whom they actually are not.
  5. They are dismissed and haughty, all seek to have at once and now, without wishing to put for this purpose special efforts.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team