Why do we marry?

Why do we marry?

Probably, in life of each man there comes time when he thinks of that why people marry and whether time to take this responsible step came? A huge number of men are afraid of the serious relations and hardly leave barchelor life. For the modern world the marriage lost the importance a little more and more couples prefer cohabitation.

Why do we marry?

If to conduct survey, among married men and to learn what moved them on such responsible step, then answers will be different. Generally, it is possible to mark out several advantages of life in marriage:

  1. Many employers pay attention when hiring whether the column about marriage is completed or not. Family people are considered as more responsible, serious and appreciating the work.
  2. Society to married men treats as more mature and taken place.
  3. Many, reflecting on that why to marry to the man, say that after such decision there are certain changes in consciousness and there is responsibility.
  4. Considerably the solution of problems which are connected with housing, for example, of a mortgage or rent becomes simpler.
  5. The people who married note that the relations with the partner changed, and the emotional attachment was lifted to new level.
  6. Kind of it is strange sounded, but many people, reflecting why it is necessary to marry, note the fact that it helps not to leave on trifles. The stamp in the passport is a certain stopping factor and people try to solve problems, but not just to disperse in different directions.
  7. Some men note that marriage presented a certain confidence in tomorrow and stability.

The American psychotherapists came to an interesting conclusion. They managed to establish that family people suffer from a depression and problems with a cardiovascular system less often and they live longer.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team