Why even good men change

Why even good men change

When you meet the typical lady's man, treason is not surprising. Even people around will confirm, say, what else should have been expected from it. Treason from the man who is considered reliable and good can become the present tragedy. There are several reasons which can be the cornerstone of similar treachery. 

Since the childhood of boys surround stereotypes. It is boring to be faithful to one girl for many years. Some companies of such one-woman man can even make fun. To have a set of victories on the love front - abruptly and cheerfully. Yet the young man has no other achievements of which it is possible to brag, he prefers to be praised by the impressive list of the tempted girls to seem more abruptly than peers.

With age this behavior model is transferred also to adulthood, and it is difficult to man to stop even in marriage. It justifies the extramarital affairs with notorious polygamy though if to understand, this quality not so obligatory attribute of representatives of a strong half of mankind. In most cases men only justify with that the dissoluteness and inability to behave adequately. 

Present that you adore red caviar. It is your favourite product and you would be eat it for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner at all. At first to you it will be very tasty, but then even the best caviar will bother, and through some time from it will begin to turn back. You need to eat other food, for example, borsch. And then again to return to favourite caviar. Such analogy of the man like to illustrate the thirst for unfaithfulness. Even if the wife is ideal and in general the best woman in the world, it is possible that at some point she will become boring. Then the man can be tempted on the lady who cannot hold a candle to his spouse. The mistress can be more senior, thicker, sillier, but at the same time she will have the main advantage - novelty. 

For the woman the treason is often accompanied by emotional experiences even love. In most cases it needs not so much sex, how many romanticism, flirtation and tenderness. Men have everything on the contrary: they consider long courtings and emotional preludes waste of time, preferring to pass to intimate relationship at once.

Moreover, the formula "sex not a reason for acquaintance" when accidental communication is not considered for treason at all sometimes works. It can occur on a trip, under the influence of alcohol or under any other unpredictable circumstances. Quite often the man can be good and kind, but weak-willed. If on the horizon too active young lady appears, it it is simple not to resist in forces to an impact of female charms. On this case at the weakling the justification is always prepared: "To whom does not happen, stumbled, it is guilty". If the man does not get the full-fledged relations on the party, he in general can not consider similar fleeting communication treachery. He continues to love the wife and does not plan to destroy family. 

Despite impressive achievements, financial stability, several children and strong marital status the man can be full of complexes. The reason of diffidence, as a rule, is in children's offenses and not worked situations from the past. Anyway, instead of work on itself the confirmation of own demand can be required for the man. Even if the constant partner loves it very strongly and eulogizes its sexual abilities, proofs from outside are all the same necessary for it.

He wants to feel "in a system" irrespective of age and situation in society. That is why men for 40 willingly believe that the young edvushka falls in love with him, but not thanks to his financial solvency and communications. For this reason they are capable to forget about the beloved wife for some time and with ease to descend on the party to receive confirmation of own importance as men. 

There are men whom hardly someone will be able to suspect of treason. They seem too good, true and kind. They do not sort out the relations with the wife and do not give a reason for a negative at all. For this reason news that such ideal man has another is capable to shock really. In its case the mistress is avoiding reality. Such partner uses treason as a way to leave from the conflict with the main partner. The attention can not be enough for it, it can have some hidden claims, but talk about it to the wife it not in forces. Treason - an easy way to lighten the mood and to go to parallel reality where there is no place to sense of guilt. Moreover, the man can be covered with good intentions: he just did not want to injure the wife a showdown or painful search of the decision of the arisen conflict. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team