Why it is necessary to work standing?"

Why it is necessary to work standing?"

Hemingway's revolt was shown in everything: in life, in private life and even at work. He slept on a hard bed and worked standing. Hemingway put the typewriter on a high window sill and printed upright.

Today the problem of "sedentary life" is particularly acute very much. People carry out the most part of the life at the computer, the TV or a wheel of the car.

Before you 5 main reasons it being necessary to work:

  1. Excess weight.

Scientists from the Chester university conducted a research which showed that three hour of work standing can burn 144 calories. As a result, in a year it is possible to lose 4 extra kilos. It is remarkable that since then scientists from the Chester university work standing.

  1. Cardiovascular system.

Scientists from the Penningtonsky biomedical research center analyzed life of 17 thousand Americans. Results showed that at those people who are in a sitting position the most part of life, risk of cardiovascular diseases and a heart attack 54% higher. Also passive pastime reduces life of each person by 2 years.

  1. Back and neck pains

Osteochondrosis and malposture – also result of a sedentary life. If you often feel neck and back pains in operating time - it is the first signals of the future problems with the musculoskeletal device. Throw out a chair and begin to work standing. So made Trapani Gin – she will see off standing behind work of 50 hours in a week.

  1. Kidneys.

Many researches prove that people who sit the most part of time are subject to risk of development of cancer and diabetes. In 2012 the scientist Thomas Yeats established that diseases of kidneys – partly result of a sedentary life. Women who sat less than 3 hours a day were subject renal diseases 30% less.

  1. Efficiency.

If, it being necessary to organize work it is impossible, then Lifegid advises you to read article: As it is correct to sit

It turns out that different poses influence production of certain hormones. "Strong poses" produce more testosterone less hormone of death (cortisol). The standing position is "a strong pose". If you refuse a chair, your work will become more productive.

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