Why men ceased to make mad acts for the sake of the woman

Why men ceased to make mad acts for the sake of the woman

Knights times for a long time behind. They were succeeded by equality of men and women. If before the young man for the sake of the darlings made beautiful and mad acts, now it stopped.

Mad times of knights

Once in ancient times of the man sang to ladies under a window of the serenade and made many other knightly acts. In the present they became others. Fault to all is emancipation. Women became much stronger and more independently, than earlier therefore very often men are sure that ladies just do not need their beautiful madnesses.

Except equality of young people and girls it is worth noticing that all this occurred because in the last centuries the parents since small years of the son learned to care for ladies, to own a sword, a gun and to keep in a saddle. It helped knights to make further knightly acts.

All guys were in the service of the state irrespective of to whom they submitted: to the king or feudal lord. Some of them received the highest ranks.

When the male child was eight years old, his parents brought to the notable knight or to the royal palace. At this particular time it began the service as the page. He cleaned weapon and held by the bridle a horse when the knight ordered to do it it. The page learned to shoot a bow, practised in single combat and riding. On achievement of fourteen years the teenager was handed a sword, and he was entitled the squire. The knight attached behind him from now on everywhere took it even on celebrations. All boys then dreamed to save life to people. If they managed it, they became at once famous for the rest of life. Only when they were twenty years old, young men were enlisted in knights. The honor, courage and faith in the Lord and also respect for women and bravery in fight were the main advantages of knights. However they prepared for acceptance of a ceremony long time. Before being entitled, future brave men made in a small chapel at the temple of a prayer all night long. At first the procession brought its future weapon to matins, then the one who was accepted in knights followed. Notice that during an era of knights the cult of the great lady appeared. In this regard at men the attitude towards girls was changed.

Two centuries of the woman later began to rule the world and became conductresses, madams and legislators. Then in poems they were described as strong strong-willed personalities.

Cruel present

From those there passed too much time. Traditions changed and people - too. Now girls are not weak and defenseless. They can stand for themselves, they work on an equal basis with men, build career, and sometimes even decide on the child's birth without spouse. For this reason men treat girls as friends. They do not make knightly acts as they consider that the lady will not be surprised to any heroism at all. They do not pay due attention to men's care. Do not appreciate courtings and gifts. Some girls reject the help offered them, considering that to accept it below their advantage. They got used to cope with everything. Men look at women who are quite independent, and are afraid to be rejected and derided. But also girls can be understood. They are simply forced to be strong as consider that men are not capable to be responsible. Here such here vicious circle turns out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team