Why men think that foreign wife is better

Why men think that foreign wife is better

Many wives and girls are irritated and angered by the fact that their man stares at foreign women including the married. At the same time each woman wants that her man looked only at her. But, according to specialists psychologists, not to correct it. Even the absolute one-woman man will be lost in contemplation of other women from time to time.

The reason the first – a polygamy instinct

At the time of primitive people to continue the sort the man had to impregnate as the bigger number of women is possible. First of all because the pregnant woman is almost defenseless: she cannot provide herself with a food or escape from danger. At that time and the man not every time could support himself and soy the pregnant companion or to protect it from a wild animal or the enemy.

In the second turn, because of high percent of child mortality in those far times when there were no concepts about any medicine, obstetrics and hygiene. Babies, children and teenagers in most cases died, without living up to majority. And such situation remained in Europe up to the 19th century.

From 5-6 and more newborns to adult age lived 2-3. And for all it was considered as normal. Provision of pensions was not trace therefore presence of adult children who could support aged parents was a guarantee of more or less quiet old age. Therefore each couple, each family sought to give rise as the bigger number of children is possible. And the man - to inseminate as the bigger number of women is possible.

Presently a situation with social security and child mortality absolutely another, but the instincts put in men during millions of years force them to be lost in contemplation of one and all beautiful women in search of one more option.

However modern men, in the majority, control animal instincts and further views "on the party" business does not reach. Therefore you should not worry because men openly stare at attractive women.

From this point of view, any normal heterosexual man will stare to a greater or lesser extent at attractive women. And it is normal. It is even better if out of respect for the partner does it imperceptibly. Only homosexuals and asexual people do not iron towards beauties.

The reason the second – the married woman is better lonely

Marrying or finding the loving man, many women change for the better. They kind of blossom, their personal happiness makes them brighter and is more more beautiful, than till a marriage. For this reason many men subconsciously stare at married ladies, but not at lonely.

Besides, the woman, being already chosen as the man, undoubtedly, has, from the point of view of her husband, a number of outstanding qualities. For example, beauty, either good character, or something another. Existence in foreign wife of such qualities steadily fixes to her eyes of other men even if these qualities are decided.

The reason the third – envy

Constantly it seems to some men having envious character that others got all best. At others the car is better, the house is better, it is better than work, the wife is better and it is better children.

Such type of the man constantly seeks to catch more and more the best things including better and attractive wife. It also forces it to be lost in contemplation at first of foreign wives, and then and to do attempts to tempt them.

Psychologists say that constant envy – one of complexes of the diffident man. And to overcome it, a lot of work over itself is necessary.

The fourth reason – problems in married couple

Problems in relationship between the man and the woman, between the husband and the wife happen always. But when a long time they do not manage to be solved, the man begins to be lost in contemplation of foreign women in search of the new passion. In the same way and women begin to look for the new husband.

The discontent with the marriage and the relations in most cases forces the man to risk the relations in search of someone the third. The same whom everything suits quietly control the animal instincts and further rare views towards beautiful women business does not reach.

Unfortunately, many women forget that the main function of the woman in the relations with the man – at all not cooking, washing and cleaning. And even not sex and birth of children. The foremost function of the woman is to inspire the man, to allow it energy to develop, work, be implemented professionally and spiritually.

At the beginning of many relations of problems with it does not happen. Both partners show the best qualities, and everything goes in the finest way. But eventually to the man becomes not to be enough inspiration from the half. Then he also begins to be interested in other women though business reaches treason not always.

Many psychologists consider this problem as the shortage of love from the woman. In the relations the woman always gives, and the man always takes away love, in exchange providing protection, tranquility, a cosiness and heat.

If the man lacks love, it does not mean that he lacks sex. It lacks care, support, inspiration and understanding – all that includes love. And when the man lacks love in the relations, he involuntarily, automatically begins to stare at foreign women.

Other reasons

In more exceptional cases of the man stare at foreign women for the following reasons:

  • the man is strongly subject to influence of instincts or does not try to constrain them;
  • ego-trips or looks for attention;
  • the moral principles such that the man does not see anything special in constant examining of foreign wives;
  • search of sexual adventures.

In the above cases of men it is possible to change seldom and with great difficulty. Often it is difficult for woman to accept similar behavior and it is easier for it to leave such partner, than to stand him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team