How to warm bath

How to warm bath

The bath is joy of the Russian soul. Its integral part is the heating services. For heating of the bath furnaces – Kamenka, and for the waiting room – fireplaces are usually used.


1. The furnace Kamenka is in most cases capable to heat sweating room and to heat water. Also she will act as the main source of steam. For this reason it is necessary to treat its installation seriously. During mounting it is necessary to observe number of requirements.

2. The furnace should not have big dimensions. Its main quality – profitability. Also such important requirement as the maximum thermal capacity is imposed to the furnace. The furnace has to not only heat the room sweating room, but also warm the room of the waiting room. Also you should not forget about water heating.

3. In order that there were no problems with heat, it is necessary to choose the furnace of suitable design and power. It has to be picked optimum up under the bath size. The most important requirement imposed to the furnace Kamenka is full fire safety. If there was violation of technology of designing of heating of bath, then there can be big problems. People can get burns or get poisoned with carbon monoxide. Surely look how the furnace gives heat.

4. The bath thanks to heat which is transferred from the oven by convection of heated air is heated. Heating should not be too big. Otherwise it will negatively affect health of her visitors. Also think of distribution of heat. It has to be directed to the person from all directions. Walls of bath have to hold and reflect infrared beams effectively. Consider, walls of the furnace have to have lower temperature.

5. Do bath walls thick. In this case it will be longer cooled. However and it is necessary to heat it long. Extremely it is not recommended to heat the oven Kamenka coal. Best of all for heating to use firewood. This material is the most economic and effective for heating of baths. Wood is eco-friendly natural material.

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