How to treat green snivels at the child

How to treat green snivels at the child

Allocations from a nose during cold cause to the child the mass of inconveniences. If at the same time the kid has no temperature, parents often do not pay attention to the emitted slime, and in vain. If at the child from a nose green snivels flow, it is an occasion to think seriously of state of his health.

Reasons of emergence of allocations

Green snivels at the child – result of activity of the pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms inhabiting a nasopharynx. After they get into a nose of the kid, the organism tries to get rid of infection by means of slime. If bacteria actively breed, then slime changes color: from transparent becomes green. It is impossible to disregard such course of disease, green snivels at the child can lead to serious complications.

The main reasons for emergence of green snivels are a SARS, viral or bacterial rhinitis, strong allergic reaction. If it is about an allergy, then here everything is clear: just take the drugs appointed by the doctor. But when the child has no such diagnosis, do not start process, begin treatment which will help to avoid spread of a disease on bronchial tubes, a throat or ears.

How to remove green snivels at the child

Use of any medicines should be begun only after consultation with the doctor and production of the correct diagnosis. Nevertheless, there are universal recommendations suitable for simplification of a state at cold and congestion of a nose.

First of all carry out thorough cleaning of the room. Wash a floor, dishes and all surfaces on which bacteria, with disinfectants can accumulate. Change to the child bed linen. Reduce temperature indoors by frequent airing.

Be not afraid to open windows and a window leaf for a short time in any weather, at the same time avoid drafts. Bacteria perfectly live and breed in stagnant air at high temperature in the apartment. Frequent airing will help to get rid of them.

Moisten air indoors. It can be done by means of a special humidifier or having covered batteries with wet sheets. Dry air promotes bigger emergence of green snivels in the child, and damp considerably facilitates nasal breath.  

Folk remedies

National recipes can become excellent addition to a basic course of treatment (but not to replace it!). Before any procedures exempt the child's nose from slime. For babies there are special devices helping to remove snivels. To children is more senior it is possible to wash out a nose by means of physiological or salt solution and the syringe.

Have good antibacterial effect juice of carrots and parsley. It is possible to grease with them mucous the child. Also inhalations with a camomile or an eucalyptus help.

Not to allow repeated emergence of green snivels in the child, try to strengthen his immunity: more often and walk more, together do sports, follow rules of personal hygiene. Then no diseases to your kid will be terrible. 

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